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Harney County Horse Tripping Exposed on YouTube

August 7, 2013

Viewers Worldwide Express Anger, Disgust

A new YouTube video looks like it will go viral, with more than 2200 views in four days.

The disturbing video can be viewed here:


The video was shot at a July 13, 2013 horse tripping event held at the Harney County Fairgrounds in Burns, Oregon. A team of documenters from SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) showed up, and was told that no video or cameras with detachable lenses would be allowed.

Undaunted, the SHARK team entered the event, and immediately discovered both detachable lenses and video cameras being used by people in the stands. When rodeo officials were advised of the supposedly banned devices, they chose to do nothing to rodeo supporters, while continuing to warn SHARK investigators against the same devices.

Having exposed rodeo lies regarding cameras, the SHARK team left the fairgrounds to set up two Hi-Pods next to the public road. The Hi-Pod allows investigators to raise their video cameras thirty feet into the air. In spite of rodeo people’s attempt to place horse trailers in the way to block their activities from the world, the cameras peered right over them, and documented the obvious abuse. 


Animal Protection Group Protests Local New Jersey Business Over Connection to Pennsylvania Live Pigeon Shoots

August 1, 2013

On August 1-4, 2013 a massive four-day long live pigeon shoot is planned at the notorious Wing Pointe canned hunt club in Hamburg, PA. Live pigeon shoots are where emaciated pigeons are launched out of small boxes and shot. Many pigeons will only be wounded, escaping to neighboring properties to suffer for hours or even days before dying of their injuries, exposure, predation, hunger or thirst.

The owner of Wing Pointe is Joseph Solana. Solana is also the owner of Carlton Pools, and he has used Carlton Pools vehicles and equipment on the Wing Pointe grounds to support his pigeon shoots. 

To expose Carlton Pools connection to the mass slaughter of pigeons for fun, SHARK will be protesting at both of Carlton Pools' New Jersey locations on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Protesters will have an iPad on hand to show customers exactly what happens at a pigeon shoot.


SHARK Calls Out Celebrity National Rifle Association Board Members for Support of Cruel Live Pigeon Shoots

July 31, 2013

This weekend's planned NRA-supported pigeon slaughter near the city of Reading in Berks County, Pennsylvania has prompted an animal protection organization to call out the NRA's celebrity spokespeople. 

What do NRA board members and spokespeople such as Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck and Ted Nugent think about blasting live pigeons, one at a time, as they are flipped out of small boxes? So far, no one is surfacing. 

Live pigeon shoots are horrific events where birds that have been starved of food and water are stuffed into small boxes, then launched into a hail of shotgun fire. Not only will thousands of animal be living targets, shot and piled up to rot, but hundreds more will escape into the surrounding countryside where they will take hours or days before succumbing to their wounds, infection, predation, hunger or thirst.


Group Calls On Monterey SPCA to Charge Salinas Rodeo with Cruelty

July 29, 2013

Salinas, CA - Animal protection group SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) is calling on the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Monterey County to investigate and bring animal cruelty charges against the California Rodeo in Salinas.  

SHARK president Steve Hindi personally witnessed bulls tormented by individuals who used an aerosol spray can to spray bulls in the face and eyes. The bulls then had glitter poured on them, including in the face and eyes. 

Mr. Hindi has sent a letter to Monterey SPCA Executive Director Gary Tiscornia and Lisa Hoefler, Director of Operations.

"I've been investigating rodeos for twenty years, and I have never seen something like this," says Hindi. "The bulls were clearly agitated and tormented by this abuse. There should be criminal charges, vigorous prosecution and conviction for this outrageous cruelty." 


Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Violates "No Jerk Down” Rule

July 25, 2013

View the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM1HLPGsh-E

In a blatant disregard for the welfare of animals and against the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s (PRCA) rules, Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) continues to allow “jerk downs.” One calf was so severely injured during a roping event it had to be hauled out on a trailer. The contestant, upon seeing the calf was no longer moving, gives up and walks away. “Jerk downs,” supposedly banned by the PRCA, are allowed to continue at CFD. The PRCA has been totally ineffective at regulating their sanctioned rodeos.

The PRCA rule clearly states, “TIE DOWN ROPING 2013 GROUND RULE. For the 2013 rodeo season, an industry wide no jerk down rule will be in effect. The “jerk down” will be defined in accordance with PRCA Rule R11.6.5 and will be enforced at all PRCA sanctioned events.“