Corrupt Cops Caught by Their Own Cruiser Camera!!!

Added on : 08-29-2013

Watch SHARK's first video of this stop for much more info:

Oregon's Malheur County Sheriff's Deputies will apparently do anything to protect the cruel Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo. The sheriff's department raises money at the rodeo, and sheriff's deputies sit on the rodeo board.

The sheriff's department will even make illegal traffic stops, and openly talk about what they are doing. Too bad they forgot about that cruiser camera, which recorded every word.

If you wish to call the Malheur County Sheriff's Department, the number is (541) 473-5510.
Sheriff Brian Wolfe can be emailed at:
Dan Norris, District Attorney, (541) 473-5127,

Please let us know what the sheriff and district attorney have to say about this outrageous conduct!

You can the unedited videos here:
Malheur Bodycam:
Malheur County Dash Cam: