Organizations Worldwide That are Opposed to Rodeo Animal Abuse

We, the following humane organizations, are opposed to the cruelty and abuse of animals in rodeos.

Click here for information about locations with prohibitions and/or restrictions on rodeos or rodeo events

  1. A-1 Poor Fund Foundation/Cochin, India
  2. Action Against Poisoning/The Hague, Netherlands
  3. Activists Against Factory Farming/Pine Ridge, AR
  4. Adopt an Animal Canada/Toronto
  5. Advocates for Animals/Edinburgh, UK
  6. Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania/Hobard, Tasmania
  7. Aid for Animals/Metairie, LA
  8. All Species Kinship/Battle Creek, Michigan
  9. Alliance Against Animal Abuse/Albuquerque, NM
  10. American Humane Association/Arlington, VA
  11. American Sanctuary Association/Las Vegas, NV
  12. Anima- foreningen for alle dyrs rettigheder/Denmark
  13. Animal Active/Melbourne, Australia
  14. Animal Advocates of the Inland North West/Liberty Lake, WA
  15. Animal Advocates Society of British Columbia
  16. Animal Alliance of Canada/Toronto, Canada
  17. Animal Angels/Jacksboro, TX
  18. Animal Concern/UK Dumbarton, Scotland
  19. Animal Defense League, Los Angeles
  20. Animal Legal Defense Fund/Petaluma, CA
  21. Animal Legislative Action Network/Los Angeles, CA
  22. Animal Place/Vacaville, CA
  23. Animal Liberation Front/
  24. Animal Liberation NSW/Sydney, Australia
  25. Animal Liberation (SA), Inc./Adelaide, Australia
  26. Animal Protection Agency/Brighton, UK
  27. Animal Rescue Foundation/Fossil, OR
  28. Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate New York/Rochester, NY
  29. Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition/San Francisco, CA
  30. Animal Rights Fund/Bangalore, India
  31. Animal Rights Online/Miami, FL
  32. Animal Rights Resource Centre/Australia
  33. Animals Australia/Victoria, Australia
  34. The Animals Voice/
  35. Animal 2000-Menschen fur Tierrechte Bayern e.V./Germany
  36. Anti-Vivisection Union/East Victoria Park, Western Australia
  37. Arche 2000 Welt-Tierhilfe e.V./Germany
  38. Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights/Davis, CA
  39. ARC news/UK
  40. Ark II – The Animal Rights Kollective/Toronto, CA
  41. Ark Wild Inc./Miami, FL
  42. Auckland Animal Action/New Zealand
  43. Austin Zoo/Austin, TX
  44. Ballarat Organisation for Animal Rights/Australia
  45. Beauty Without Cruelty (S.A.)/South Africa
  46. Big Cat Rescue/Tampa, FL
  47. Bite Back Vegan Society
  48. Brooklyn Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund
  49. The California Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection League, Inc./Gardena, CA
  50. California Lobby for Animal Welfare
  51. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society/Preston, UK
  52. Catskill animal Sanctuary/Saugerties, NY
  53. Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary/Caledonia, MS
  54. Christian Vegetarian Association/Cleveland, OH
  55. Citizens for Planetary Health/Swain, NY
  56. Comite Anti Stierenvechten (Anit Bullfighting Committee)/Utrecht, Netherlands
  57. Compassionate Action Institute/New York, NY
  58. Compassionate Crusaders Trust/India
  59. Cornwall’s Voice for Animals/UK
  60. The Council Animal Advocacy/Canada
  61. Country Critters Rescue Corral/Sedro-Woolley, WA
  62. Danish Friends of Animals/Copenhagen, Denmark
  63., Sweden
  64. Dog Patch/Colville, WA
  65. East Bay Animal Advocates/Martinez, CA
  66. Een Dier Een Vriend/Netherlands
  67. Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights/Silicon Valley, CA
  68. Equine Advocates/Chatham, NY
  69. Farm Sanctuary/Watkins Glen, NY
  70. FarPlace Animal Rescue/UK
  71. Farm Animal Welfare Network/Holmfirth, UK
  72. Fauna Foundation/Chambly, Quebec, Canada
  73. Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe/UK
  74. Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research & Education Promoting Animal Welfare/Albany, NY
  75. Freedom for Animals/Canada
  76. The Fund for Animals/New York, NY
  77. Global Action in the Interest of Animals/Belgium
  78. Guelph Equine Area Rescue Stables/Ontario, Canada
  79. Haven Books International
  80. Help for the Helpless Animals/Dallas, TX
  81. Highveld Horse Care Unit/South Africa
  82. Horse Haven/Rathdrum, ID
  83. H.O.R.S.E. Rescue and Sanctuary/New York, NY
  84. The Humane Society of Canada/Toronto
  85. The Humane Society of Louisiana/New Orleans, LA
  86. The Humane Society of the United States/Washington, D.C.
  87. In Defense of Animals/Mill Valley, CA
  88. Independent Voice for Animals/Valley Head, AL
  89. Initiative Anti-Corrida/Germany
  90. The International Movement Against Bullfights/
  91. Jamshedpur Animal Welfare Society/Jamshedpur, India
  92. JazzPurr Society for Animal Protection/Windsor, Ontariao,Canada
  93. Justice for Animals/South Africa
  94. Karuna Society for Animals and Nature/India
  95. Kalamazoo Animal Liberation League/Kalamazoo, MI /
  96. The Kinship Circle, St. Louis, Missouri
  97. Lamma Animal Protection/Hong Kong SAR, China/
  98. Last Chance for Animals/Los Angeles, CA
  99. Last Chance for Animals San Diego
  100. League for Earth and Animal Protection/Sherman Oaks, CA
  101. Lehigh Valley Animal Rights Coalition/Allentown, PA
  102. Magnus Ronnerup/Sweden
  103. The Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition/Worcester, MA
  104. Mercy for Animals/Columbus, OH
  105. Michigan Animal Rights Society/University of Michigan
  106. Michigan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA)/
  107. Mill Creek Farm
  108. Mossburn Animal Centre/Lockerbie, Scotland
  109. MovetoACT/Indianapolis, IN/
  110. National Animal Sanctuary Alliance/UK
  111. National Center for Animal Law/Lewis & Clark Law School/Portland, OR
  112. National Council of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/South Africa
  113. Nature and Animal Care Foundation/UK
  114. New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance/Englishtown, NJ/
  115. New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society/Christchurch, New Zealand
  116. NZ Vegetarian Society, Inc./Auckland, New Zealand
  117. No Voice Unheard/Santa Cruz, CA
  118. Northeastern Oklahoma Animal Helpers/
  119. Northwest Animal Rights Network(NARN)/Seattle, WA/
  120. Ocean Care/Wadenswil,Switzerland
  121. Ocean Defense International/Ashland, OR
  122. Ooh MahNee, Inc./Hunker, PA
  123. Operation Toby, Inc./Australia
  124. Orange County People for Animals/Orange County, CA
  125. PACT (People and Animals in Community Together) Humane Society
  126. People for Animal Rights/Syracuse, NY
  127. People for Animals Calcutta/India
  128. People for Animals Haryana/India
  129. People for Animals Ludhiana/India
  130. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals/Norfolk, VA
  131. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society/Quezon City, Philippines
  132. Pound Rescue/Okotoks, Alberta, CA
  133. Rational Animal/New York, NY
  134. Real Food/UK
  135. The Responsible Animal Care Society/Canada
  136. Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc. /Glenside, PA
  137. RSPCA, Australia
  138. SAFE, New Zealand
  139. Saint Louis Animal Rights Team/St. Louis, MO
  140. San Diego Animal Advocates/San Diego, CA
  141. Sathya Sai Sanctuary/Castlebaldwin, County Sligo, Ireland
  142. Save-A-Pet/Grayslake, IL
  143. Seeds for Change Humane Education/LaJolla, CA
  144. Sled Dog Action Coalition/Miami, FL
  145. Society for Animal Freedom and Equality/Canada
  146. SPEAK (Supporting & Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom)
  147. Stichting Dierenhulp Venezuela/ Ugchelen, Netherlands
  148. Students Against Animal Suffering (U.C. San Diego)
  149. Student Animal Rights Alliance/New York, NY
  150. Students and Others for Animal Respect/Simon Fraser University/Burnaby,BC, Canada
  151. Students Protecting Animals (Western Michigan University)/Kalamazoo, MI
  152. Syracuse Animal Rights Organization/Syracuse, NY
  153. Terra Anima Trust/ The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India
  154. Tierrechtstermine/Germany
  155. Total Animal Liberation/New York, NY
  156. UCLA Animal Welfare Association/Los Angeles, CA
  157. United Poultry Concerns/Machipongo,VA
  158. Uniting for Justice/Grand Rapids, MI
  159. Viva! USA/Davis, CA
  160. Veganswines/Frankfurt, Germany
  161. Vegetarian Advocates/Cleveland, OH
  162. Vegetarians of Oklahoma:
  163. VegNews Magazine/San Francisco, CA
  164. Voice for Animals/Edmonton, Alberta, CA
  165. Voice of Compassion for Animal Life/Tampa, FL
  166. Voiceless: The Fund for Animals/Australia
  167. Voices for Animals/Stroudsburg, PA
  168. Voices for Animals/Charlotteville, VA
  169. West Midlands Animal Action/Redditch, UK
  170. Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre/South Africa
  171. World Animal Protection

If your organization opposes rodeo and its horrific cruelty please contact SHARK at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can add you to the list. Thank you for caring.