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Chief’s pigeon shoot attendance sparks controversy

Cherokee Pheonix

OKLAHOMA CITY¬ – Cherokee Nation citizens expressed outrage during a Sept. 30 press conference at the Oklahoma State Capitol regarding Principal Chief Bill John Baker’s involvement with Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe’s Sept. 5 “dove hunt” fundraiser in Lone Wolf.

A fundraiser flier stated the event was the 10th anniversary Inhofe dove hunt. Video recorded by the Illinois-based group Showing Animals Respect & Kindness, or SHARK, shows event workers throwing pigeons into the air toward hay bales. People with shotguns, located behind the hay bales, then fired upon the pigeons as they attempted to fly away.

The video shows some pigeons falling to the ground dead, while others fell injured. Some made their way off the shooting field only to be recaptured by workers and thrown back into the air to be fired upon again.

According to the flier, the event was scheduled for three hours, and SHARK reports that 1,000 pigeons, some tame, were used.

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