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PRCA Facts

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SHARK Victory!

PRCA to Pay SHARK $25,000 for Wrongful YouTube Takedown Requests!

A rodeo association has agreed to pay $25,000 to an animal welfare group to settle a lawsuit over the improper removal of videos from YouTube that showed roped calves being dragged off to die and tasers being used on tame horses to get them to buck.
Read all about it here.

This site exposes the sham that is the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). In spite of its status as the world's largest and most established rodeo association, the PRCA is built on cruelty, lies and propaganda. The PRCA's humane rules are nothing more than a public relations ploy. Enforcement of those supposed rules are virtually nonexistent. Humane violations and violators are kept secret, as are the records of animal victims. Corporate sponsors keep their heads in the sand while their pocketbooks are open. They help to perpetuate the cruelty of those who hide behind a facade of American culture and tradition, of which modern rodeos are neither. PRCA spin doctors work furiously to counter facts with propaganda. This is the site that exposes the rodeo industry for what it is: Phony cowboys selling phony Americana.

If you have any comments after touring this site, please feel free to share them with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Unlike the PRCA, we are interested in your thoughts.
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