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Rodeo Cruelty

SHARK Busts National Finals Steer Busting!

SHARK has caught the Rodeo Mafia red-handed violating their promise of veterinary care for their animal victims, and then lying about it to the media. The victims are the steers of steer busting, the most abused victims in the rodeo industry. And it wasn't just any rodeo, but the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association's National Finals Steer Roping in Hobbs, New Mexico.

On November 2 & 3, 2007, SHARK investigators conducted an undercover investigation into the National Finals Steer Roping (NFSR). After SHARK's repeated exposures of rodeo's secrets, the rodeo industry's videocamera ban at the NFSR came as little surprise. The rodeo thugs never had a clue as SHARK used undercover equipment to document the brutal abuse.

The very fact that the steer busting finals were held in a remote location like Hobbs, New Mexico, when all the other National Finals events are held in Las Vegas, is an acknowledgement by rodeo folks that steer busting is indefensible.

Oh, rodeo thugs like to claim that the arena in Las Vegas isn't the correct size for this cruel event, but the fact is that the Nevada State veterinarian will not allow steer busting. In an April 2005 edition of the Colorado Springs Independent, David Thain, Nevada's state veterinarian, said the event is considered too harmful.

"I think you see too many accidents with it -- animals getting hurt too often." Another rodeo lie exposed.

So, the PRCA attempted to hide steer busting as if it were a dogfight, but then, when it comes to the animal cruelty, violence and suffering, steer busting is no better than a dogfight. This was the third time SHARK investigators attended the NFSR, but we are still amazed at the level of violence that the steers endure. Given the brutality in steer busting, it's almost miraculous that any of the victims walk away.

On the first night, three injured steers were dragged out equating to a 4% injury rate. This of course does not include those animals that go down later from internal injuries and the other medical problems cause by their abuse. On the second night two more steers were dragged out, while another injured steer was barely able to hobble out. Another 4% injury rate.

A horse was also injured when his leg became entangled during the roping.

When the first steer was injured on Friday night the rodeo announcer falsely claimed:

"We work in complete harmony with the American Humane Society of the U S of A."


There is no truth whatsoever to that statement. It is an absolute lie. But then, rodeo announcers lie all the time about the number and severity of rodeo animal injuries, even to the point of claiming that animals killed are still alive. The announcer said he would inform the crowd about the condition of the injured steer. No such announcement was ever made. Not about that steer, not about any of the victims.


In the October 24, 2007 edition of the PRCA publication, ProRodeo Sport News, a caption under a picture of the Lea County Event Center states the following:

"The top fifteen ropers from 2007 will battle for a record $195,000 purse in front of sold-out crowds for two nights." Sold out crowds? Take a look at these pictures of the stands taken during the 2007 finals. This is the PRCA's version of "sold out crowds"? If there was any humor to be found at this bludgeon-fest, it was this statement, given the fact of the huge number of empty seats.

Then there was presidential candidate NM Governor Bill Richardson. One thing you probably won't hear during his campaign is that he has committed tens of millions of tax dollars to promote and enrich the cruel rodeo industry in New Mexico. Bill Richardson is just another unethical politician, caught supporting cruelty and abuse for the sake of publicity in this ad from the NFSR program and signage that looked over injured animals.


This is in spite of SHARK's personal meeting with the governor, at which time we gave him overwhelming video and still images, and other information regarding rodeo animal abuse. Governor Richardson's generosity to the rodeo industry is especially appalling given that New Mexico is one of the most impoverished states in the nation.

So what was the care given to steers injured at the Steer Busting Finals?

The first injury on the second night occurred at about 8:15 p.m. Within two minutes the victim was dragged out of the arena and locked in the back of a livestock trailer as an investigator documented from being hidden outside. The steer was not checked out by a veterinarian, in spite of the rodeo announcer's promise that injured animals would receive, "the very, very best care." Another rodeo lie exposed. second injured steer was sledded out about an hour later. Like the first victim, he was dragged into the trailer, which was then locked up. There was no veterinary care provided.

Injured steers were discarded like garbage, and locked up in this trailer. SHARK investigators stayed around the area for the duration of the performance, filming from time to time from across the road. During that time, no one went into the trailer. There was no care given to the injured victims, as promised and dictated by the PRCA's rules.

The rodeo performance ended at approximately 10:30 pm. At 10:43 pm SHARK attempted to talk to the stock contractor in charge of caring for the steers, Rocky Garnett, to inquire about the condition of the steers. Even though we saw Rocky Garnett in the shadows, the rodeo folks denied he was there.


SHARK requested a look inside this trailer where injured steers were dumped. Rodeo officials refused. What were they scared of?

Deputies from the Lea County Sheriff's appeared and we again requested to speak with Rocky Garnett regarding the condition of the steers. An officer reappeared a few minutes later stating that Rocky was too busy to talk with us.

Then Ralph Knoll, Director of Activities for the Lea County Event Center appeared stating that we were in violation of PRCA copyright rules (which we weren't), issued a criminal trespass warning and ordered us off the property. We received permission from the Deputies to continue to videotape from across the street - off of the Event Center property. A truck and tractor were brought in and bright lights were displayed in an attempt to block our view of the trailer with the injured steers.

After SHARK notified the media following the NFSR, the November 10, 2007 edition of theAlbuquerque Journalincluded an article about the injured steers at the steer busting finals. Read the AJ article here.

Cindy Schonholtz, who holds the duplicitous title of PRCA Animal Welfare Coordinator, but was not at the NFSR, claimed that none of the steers sustained serious injuries, and further claimed that the steers were sledded out "as a precaution." Most appallingly, Ms. Schonholtz claimed that by the end of the event, the cattle were released from the trailer to feed in pens. That is another rodeo lie. The police report from that evening states:

"They (the steers) were removed from the event center in the same trailer."

SHARK filmed the windowless trailer throughout the evening, and no steer ever left it. Click here to read the police report completely corroborating SHARK's account and calling into question the integrity of comments from the PRCA.

SHARK placed numerous calls to Cindy Schonholtz after the NFSR to communicate SHARK's findings about the finals, and to get the supposed onsite veterinarian's injury reports. Ms. Schonholtz did not return any of our calls.

We were very pleased by the professional conduct of deputies of the Lea County Sheriff's Department. The deputies were among the most professional we have ever encountered.

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB and BANK OF AMERICA caught supporting cruelty at NFSR

UPDATE Nov. 30, 2007:
SHARK is seeing very positive movement within the Boys and Girls Clubs of America since we brought this issue to public light. Although things got off to a somewhat rocky start with BGCA, it looks as if our video proof of what happened to the animal victims at the steer busting finals may be sufficient to persuade the BGCA to move in a direction of protecting children from being involved in this kind of abuse in the future.

SHARK feels very optimistic that as the BGCA conducts genuine research on this issue they will be in agreement with us with regard to the inappropriateness of taking young, impressionable children, and especially at-risk children, to violent events wherein animals may be harmed.

BGCA have requested that SHARK supporters not contact them while they are focusing on working toward a resolution, and we are satisfied that their assurances are genuine. Toward that end, SHARK has removed the BGCA campaign video on YouTube.com and on this site.

Your phone calls and e-mails have been noticed and have made a difference in how quickly this campaign has progressed. Thank You! Read some of the letters written to the B&GC.

Take a close look at this picture and you will see a lot of innocent kids. How could the Boys and Girls Club do this?

SHARK was horrified to see that the Boys and Girls Club of Hobbs brought approximately one hundred children to the steer busting finals. Why would an organization dedicated to nuturing and teaching America's children send the message that it's okay to brutalize and injure animals for entertainment and profit?

It's bad enough that the PRCA would stoop so low as to use children to try to fill its largely empty stands, but what of the reaction from the Boys and Girls Club?

On November 8th, 2007, SHARK Campaigns Manager, Janet Enoch spoke with Mr. Mike Clampett, Chief Professional Officer of the Hobbs Boys and Girls Club. According to Mr. Clampett, the decision to bring young children to see this spectacle was his. When Ms. Enoch asked to talk to Mr. Clampett's supervisor, Mr. Clampett stated he did not have one. When our Campaigns Manager, who had done her homework, asked to speak to Board President, Brian McWilliams, who is in fact Mr. Clampett's superior, Mr. Clampett hung up on Ms. Enoch.

A "busted" steer is about to have a hard landing in the most brutal and deadly event in rodeo.

After further discussion with another, more cordial, Boys and Girls Club representative, SHARK received a written statement from the organization describing the Boys and Girls Club's position on taking children to events that harm animals.



Letters to the Boys and Girls Club of America

Click on the video to see more of what SHARK's camera's uncovered--and what the Boys and Girls Clubs of America considers entertainment for children.


Below are just a few of the comments being sent by concerned citizens to leaders at the Boys and Girls Club. Please read on and then add your voice by contacting BGC!

Dear Boys and Girls Clubs of America:
My family and I hope that you will not affiliate your organization in any way with the barbaric activity of rodeo. The Humane Society of the United States, The American Humane Association, SHARK, the ASPCA and others have all presented serious, irrefutable information and evidence about the cruelties to animals involved in the out-dated, inhumane activity.

As a teacher, I am interested in humane and educational activities for children, that we can all be proud of. Teaching them that rodeo is "all right," directly teaches them that it is "all right to inflict pain, suffering and death to an animal"; and that it is "all right" to do this in order to "have fun."

We hope that you will not promote rodeo in any way.


Dr. J. B.
New Fairfield, CT


Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Humane Society of U.S,
Re: a) Mr. Mike Clampett, Chief Professional Officer of the Hobbs Boys and Girls Club-Hobbs, NM" and 2) healthy development of innocent children.

Ms. Stansfield:

The following is a communication detailing S.H.A.R.K.'s (rodeo animals advocacy group) conversation with one of your "Chief Professional Officers" regarding his disturbing decision to take impressionable young children to a cruelty-filled rodeo on November 2nd and 3rd, 2007.

"On November 8th, 2007, SHARK's Campaign Manager, Janet Enoch, spoke with Mr. Mike Clampett, Chief Professional Officer of the Hobbs Boys and Girls Club. According to Mr. Clampett, the decision to bring young children to see this spectacle was his. When Ms. Enoch asked to talk to Mr. Clampett's supervisor, Mr. Clampett stated he did not have one. When Ms. Enoch, who had done her homework, asked to speak to Board President, Brian McWilliams, who is in fact Mr. Clampett's superior, Mr. Clampett hung up on Janet.

The distressing videos from S.H.A.R.K. (that I have attached for YOUR viewing pleasure) depicts some of the most cruellest events in this rodeo which, I think would be a no-brainer, would be considered a sick attempt at desensitizing children to the pain and unneccesary injuries of innocent animals. We believe some of them died with no veterinarian oversight and was deliberately shielded from public view.

I don't know what changes have taken place in the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, but witnessing cruelty to animals is not an particularly enriching activity for the development of small children, in my humble opinion. Or have things changed? Maybe our caustic culture has brought in leaders to your group that are equally as caustic?

I'm sure with more information being sent your way, you will do the right thing and investigate the disgusting arrogant lies from Mr. Clampett when S.H.A.R.K.'s representative asked to speak to his Supervisor, but investigate what kind of man takes small children to witness these horrifically cruel events that are now being hidden from the public and then lied about.

Anything less will promise you an investigation by good, animal loving Americans.

Enjoy the videos. It is your duty to at least view them since Mr. Clampett finds nothing wrong with what I consider extreme cruelty. Perhaps he would don a clown's suit and participate in next year's covert rodeo...............................as the young steer!!


It seems there were victims at this rodeo besides the poor young steers.....It was the children who were made to watch~all in the name of entertainment!

I shall patiently await your timely response.
Thank you, 
S. P.
Torrance, CA


Dear Boys and Girls Club of America
I was saddened to see that the Boys & Girls Club of America recently took along a large group of children to a steer busting rodeo event in Hobbs, New Mexico.

I think it is very important that children are not exposed to such cruel and demeaning events and I would dearly love to see BGCA issue a corporate policy which bans all your locations from taking children to rodeos or other events where animals suffer.

I am not a US citizen but I would say this trip you organised to the rodeo for these children has not shown your organisation in a good light overseas.

Please repair the damage and do what is right for the children and the animals and change your policy.

Many thanks
With all good wishes

C. G.

Three Hills Rodeo owner David Morehead pleads guilty to 36 counts of horse cruelty


Cowboys admit improper transport of rodeo horses

January 24, 2006

Lafayette Hills, PA – District Justice Deborah Lukens imposed fines and court costs of $5,000.00 against Three Hills Rodeo owner David Morehead, 50, and employee Matthew Delarm, 26, both of Bernard, Iowa who pled guilty in Lafayette Hills District Court this week to 36 counts of horse cruelty in the Pennsylvania Horse Transport Law case involving 36 horses that were being transported in two separate double deck cattle trailers from the Liberty Pro Rodeo in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania on Sunday September 18, 2005. Both men were the drivers of the Three Hill Rodeo double deck trailers carrying the 36 horses.

Why does Morehead haul his bucking horses in cruel and dangerous double-decker trailers?


Whitemarsh Police Department, WPD, made the arrests under Pennsylvania Horse Transport Law, Title 18, 5511(e.1) passed in July 2001. The first double deck cattle trailer had 17 horses and an undetermined number of bulls and the second double deck trailer had a total of 19 horses on with four horses in the nose deck, eleven on the top deck, and four more horses in the rear of the trailer, known as the `doghouse'. The bulls were on the bottom deck of the trailer.

Whitemarsh Police Department made the arrests after receiving information from the Pennsylvania State Police that two double deck trailers owned by Three Hills Rodeo, Bernard, Iowa were transporting horses on double deck trailers in violation of the Pennsylvania Horse Transport Law. When Whitemarsh Police pulled the two trailers over and informed Three Hills of the violations. Morehead stated, “He had never heard of such a thing”. The rodeo promoter incorrectly stated that the Pennsylvania Horse Transport Law only applies to slaughter horses “who are crouched down” in double deck trailers, and “not these horses” gesturing at the rodeo horses on the top deck of the double deck trailer.

David Morehead

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Aliena Gerhard stated, “The law is clear. The prohibitions are clear. Subsection e1 of the animal cruelty law (found at 18 Pa.C.S.A. 5511) otherwise known as the "double decker" law, is one of Pennsylvania 's strongest criminal laws. Its language is definitive. Further, the statute ensures that violators are charged for each and every equine animal they illegally transport.” A second conviction under this section is a misdemeanor which would result in a permanent criminal record for anyone convicted of violating the PA Horse Transport Law a second time. Gerhard stated, “The escalating penalty for a subsequent violation means violators face up to one year in prison for each count charged. People do not get to choose which laws should apply to them. Violators caught in Pennsylvania will be prosecuted and may go to prison.”

Video exposing Morehead and PRCA Corruption


The fine is the highest dollar amount ever imposed since the Pennsylvania Horse Transport Law went into effect in August 2001.The fine is the second highest dollar amount in the history of double deck laws in New York and Pennsylvania, the highest fine of $11,100 imposed by Essex County, NY Judge Strothenke in 1994 against David Carper a driver for his father Frank Carper a New Jersey horse dealer who deals in slaughter horses.

The Equine Protection Network’s Christine Berry is elated at the outcome. “Whitemarsh Police Department and Lieutenant Bowers did an excellent job enforcing the law. Everybody involved did their part; the citizen who witnessed the trucks and made the call, the Pennsylvania State Police investigation, ADA Gerhard’s efforts and Judge Lukens sentencing. The guilty plea in this case proves that Pennsylvania law can be enforced by law enforcement personnel that have no training or familiarity with horses, no horse industry experts are needed, law enforcement does not need to take the horses, and the law applies to all horses no matter what their final destination.”

In addition to this crime, rodeo owner David Morehead was also found guilty in April 2001 of Fraudulent Practice in the 5th Degree for failing to have veterinary certificates for his rodeo animals. The fine was $1,650.00.

Rodeo Cruelty

Forget The Myth!


Forget the myth of rodeos as all-American sport. Modern rodeos are cruel and deadly for animals. Traditional ranch work has been perverted into a spectacle of animal abuse disguised as "western tradition." Today's rodeos bear little resemblance to ranch work where care was taken to not injure animals. Modern rodeos are nothing more than western-themed circuses with contestants wearing John Wayne costumes and racing against the clock in a cruel spectacle for cash prizes all to sell sugar water, alcohol, and automobiles to the fans. And it's the animals who pay the price, from being electrically prodded to make horses and bulls appear wild to the countless injuries animals suffer from contestants who only care about beating the clock and winning cash before moving on to the next rodeo in the next city.

Anyone with a heart knows it's wrong to clothesline a baby animal, body slam it to the ground, tie its legs so it can’t move, and drag it by the neck. If this were done to a puppy or kitten, the offender would understandably be charged with a crime, and likely be jailed. In rodeos, however, it's called calf roping, and supporters claim it’s a sport. But the abuse of baby cows is just one of rodeo’s cruelties. Read further and watch some of SHARK's video proof from years of rodeo investigations.


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