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Pigeons Rescued from Wing Pointe Killing Resort

Added on : 04-23-2013

This video documents some of the rescue efforts of SHARK following a December 5, 2010 live pigeon shoot held at Wing Pointe, a resort for animal serial killers located at 1414 Moselem Springs Road, outside Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

Twenty-one live pigeons were rescued. Unfortunately, that was just a fraction of those who could not be found, or who were able to elude rescuers.

SHARK initiated the rescue due to the steadfast refusal of Berks County District Attorney John Adams to take action. Mr. Adams has even refused to allow Pennsylvania Humane Police Officers to prosecute separately from the DA's office. It should come as no surprise that DA Adams has received contributions from the pigeon shooters.

PA's live pigeon shoots are supported by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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