After an historic vote in the Pennsylvania Senate to ban horrific live pigeon shoots, and Governor Tom Corbett's announcement he would sign the bill into law, the decades long battle to end these vicious and cruel slaughters – where pigeons are used as living targets and shot at for fun – the end was in sight.

And yet it did not happen. Why? Because House Majority Leader Mike Turzai betrayed the people of Pennsylvania and refused to allow the bill to be voted on.

Even though Turzai promised he would bring the bill to a vote, he caved to special interest pressure from the NRA and wealthy pigeon shooters. This coming year, when tens of thousands of innocent animals will be shot, wounded, maimed, and killed, all that blood and suffering will be on his hands.

Please contact Leader Turzai and ask why he broke his word and betrayed the overwhelming number of Pennsylvania residents who want pigeon shoots banned.  Please be polite and respectful.

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Harrisburg office: (717) 772-9943
Pittsburgh office:  (412) 369-2230