The use of live pigeons for target/pleasure shooting is obviously despicable, but the horror does not end when the shooting stops. Left to suffer and die, the wounded but still living animals face unspeakable agony. Unable to fly, injured pigeons are exposed to the elements, including freezing rain, snow and ice. With open and infected injuries, the end is slow and arduous. Days may pass before the relief of death finally comes.

Abandoning wounded pigeons to die slow, painful deaths clearly falls within the purview of Pennsylvania's animal cruelty laws as it would for any other animal. Nevertheless, Berks County District Attorney John Adams (who has received campaign donations from pigeon shooters) not only refuses to act on animal cruelty complaints - he has actively crushed all efforts to have state animal cruelty laws enforced by Pennsylvania Humane Police Officers.

District Attorney Adams protects pigeon shoots, even though most shooters are not from Berks County. Many of the shooters aren’t even from Pennsylvania.