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K. D. Lang


Long-time vegetarian advocate and PETA issue-promoter, k. d. lang, has inexplicably lent her vocal talents to support rodeo animal abuse.

In 2007, she played two shows in Reno in support of the International Gay Rodeo Association Finals. Supposed longtime animal lover k.d. lang has failed to respond to concerns about her rodeo sponsorship and words of support for the International Gay Rodeo Association Finals. By playing two shows there and sponsoring the rodeo, lang makes a mockery of her previous history of working for compassion for ALL beings. To the media in Reno, NV, she said,

“I thought that it would be exciting. It’s a great opportunity. I’ve never been to a gay rodeo before, and it just sounded fun.”

Please take a moment and remind Ms. lang that rodeos are not "fun" for the animals victimized by this cruel industry. It is baffling why one segment of marginalized and oppressed people would take enjoyment in and compensation from oppressing another group of beings.

Please send a note to Ms. lang via her webpage (scroll to the bottom) here: http://www.grabow.biz/contact-us.html

SHARK hopes she does respond to this issue, as it makes us sick to think k.d. lang might be another Hilary Duff. If the Tiger Truck showed up at some of her concerts, then all of her fans would see her hypocrisy, and many of them are likely animal lovers. Are you listening, k.d.?

Remind k. d. lang of her compassionate roots!

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