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SHARK Exposes the Cruelty & Cowardice of Canned Hunting

On December 30, 2015, SHARK documented and rescued birds at a canned hunt held in Pennsylvania, where cage-raised birds were hand-thrown into the air and shot for fun. Three different types of birds were used for this slaughter; pheasants, pigeons and chukars.  We had access to an adjoining property and were just a few yards away from one of the shooting stations, where we filmed the horrors that unfolded. Watch the video below:


Pigeon Shoots are Pennsylvania's Shame

Pigeon shoots are vile competitions where thousands of birds are shot, killed or suffer terrible wounds and crippling pain.


SHARK Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep Turzai

Mike Turzai, Majority Leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was given a large donation from a political action committee (PAC) three days before a bill that PAC was against was supposed to be voted on. Mr. Turzai then used his power to fulfill the wishes of that PAC; the legislation was not voted on and it died.

We contend that this exchange of money for legislative action violated section §1103 (c) of the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act. On November 12, 2014 SHARK President Steve Hindi Filed an Ethics Complaint. Read more below:



Pigeon shooters drop $20K on key committee members before vote

Representative Mike Turzai took $3,000 in cash from the pigeon shooters immediately before he goes back on his promise to let the pigeon shoot bill come up for a vote. $17,000 went to other legislators to make sure the bill didn't come up for a vote. Read the entire stunning article here.

Stephen Colbert on NRA Opposition to Pigeon Shoots

MUST SEE! Click here to watch as Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report take on the NRA and their support of eating cats and dogs.


SHARK Challenges Pennsylvania State House Republicans to Demand a Vote on Pigeon Shoot Ban for November 12th!

Legislation to ban cruel live pigeon shoots has overwhelming support amongst the people of Pennsylvania. The State Senate voted 36-12 to ban the shoots.  Governor Tom Corbett said he would sign it. The bill, HB 1750, was supposed to be voted on in the Pennsylvania State House on Monday October 20th. Even the Pennsylvania House Republicans Tweeted that the bill would get a vote that day, but do to last minute lobbying by the NRA, House Majority leader Mike Turzai pulled the bill.


House Majority Leader Mike Turzai Fails to Allow Vote

After an historic vote in the Pennsylvania Senate to ban horrific live pigeon shoots, and Governor Tom Corbett's announcement he would sign the bill into law, the decades long battle to end these vicious and cruel slaughters – where pigeons are used as living targets and shot at for fun – the end was in sight.

And yet it did not happen. Why? Because House Majority Leader Mike Turzai betrayed the people of Pennsylvania and refused to allow the bill to be voted on.


Pigeon shoot ban clears major hurdle in General Assembly

Amy Worden
Philly Dawg
October 17, 2014

In history-making action Wednesday the Pennsylvania Senate voted overwhelmingly to end live pigeon shoots.

The passage of House Bill 1750 was not the final vote, but it represented a milestone in the history of animal welfare in the Commonwealth.

It was the first time the upper chamber of the General Assembly ever voted on a pigeon bill and the first  time in 20 years a full floor vote on pigeon shoot legislation was held.

Gov. Corbett, through a spokesman, told The Inquirer Thursday he will sign the bill if it clears the House on its final voting day on Monday.


Please Help Us to Reach More People Throughout the State

From now until November 30th, 2014 we need your help!

When Pennsylvania legislators return to work on September 15, one of the bills that could come up for a vote would ban PA’s infamous live pigeon shoots. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is predictably working very hard to keep that bill from coming to a vote.

As this update is being sent out, SHARK investigator Stu Chaifetz is holding a press conference at the state Capitol building in Harrisburg. Stu will show reporters the 30 second television ad exposing the horror of these killing contests.The ad features game show host legend Bob Barker speaking out against the cruelty of pigeon shoots, while graphic images of the killing contests are shown. You can view the ad for yourself here: 


Graphic TV Commercial Urging Passage of Pigeon Shoot Released

Graphic TV Commercial Urging Passage of Pigeon Shoot Legislation and Featuring Game Show Host Bob Barker to Air on CNN, FoxNews in PA Starting this Week

HARRISBURG, PA – A new statewide television commercial – narrated by legendary game show host Bob Barker and graphically showing gross animal cruelty at Pennsylvania pigeon shoots – will be unveiled here Tuesday. It's expected to air on CNN, FoxNews and other networks this week.

The news conference to preview the commercial and details of the campaign will be held TUESDAY/SEPT. 9 at 11:30 a.m. at the State Capitol Rotunda.


Pigeon Shooters Exposed!

Operation Bright Light exposes individual pigeon shooters to the world

        Click Here

More Pigeon Shoot Video!

          Click Here


Please contact the Pennsylvania Legislature and tell them to pass HB1750 which explicitly bans pigeons shoots once and for all. You can read the bill here. The current legislative session ends 11-30-2014. Click here to find and contact your Pennsylvania state legislator

Please contact Governor Tom Corbett and tell him that it's long past time for them to end the abominable cruelty of live pigeon shoots.

Governor Tom Corbett
Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Governor's Facebook page

Please contact the Pennsylvania Tourism Bureau and tell them that you won't be vacationing in PA because of illegal live pigeon shoots.

1-800-847-4872 - Post on their Facebook page HERE.

Click here for a video from Bob Barker and more information.