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NY Police Lose it Over a Drone

Last November, SHARK legally used a drone to get an aerial view of Marshall Farms, a company in North Rose, New York that raises beagles and other animals for experimentation.

According to THIS report, Marshal Farms has been cited for violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including that an Inspector “...found that puppies were being euthanized and necropsied in a medical building in front of hospitalized puppies, potentially causing them distress.”  And “...an excessive fly infestation in some buildings, including the treatment/necropsy area.”

After we left the area, a security vehicle from Marshal Farms followed us. About ten miles later, State and County police made an illegal traffic stop that lasted more than an hour. 

Watch the video here:


A Video Review of SHARK's Amazing 2016!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is our 2016 Year-in-Review Video. Please click HERE to read the full mailer we've sent out with much more information and details about our 2016 victories.




News Article on Cownose Ray Killing Contest

June 21, 2016


An excellent article was just published in The Calvert Recorder about the impending cownose ray slaughter set for this coming Sunday on Maryland.  Please read the story and share it on social media:

“We are going to try every avenue we can using every nonviolent tool at our disposal to educate the public and politicians about these cruel contests,” stressed Chaifetz. “We are going to do everything we can to expose everyone for their participation in this slaughter.”


Watch the videos from last year:

A dead baby ray from last year.  Her mother was shot and beaten with a bat, and then she was used as extra weight for the contest.  This is the vile cruelty we are fighting 
Please politely contact Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and ask him to make a public statement against these cruel contests and to take action to shut them down:

Please also post polite and respectful comments on the American Bowhunters Facebook page about their cruel killing contest, and the fact that Kurt Wall is hiding from his challenge. You can let them know we will be on the river videotaping their vile killing for the world to see.

*** It's clear they are feeling the heat as they have been deleting our posts to their page, so please keep posting!


We need more people on the ground in Maryland documenting the killing and providing support - if you can help, please email us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  


International Outrage Over Vicious Cownose Ray Killing Contest  - July 7, 2016


July 7, 2016


Yesterday SHARK held a press conference in Maryland to expose the vicious slaughter of cownose rays on the Chesapeake Bay.

Watch the video HERE

A baby ray that was shot with an arrow and died a terrible death
The footage we took, mostly using our Angel remote controlled aircraft, launched from our boat the Bob & Nancy, shows cownose rays suffering for extended periods of time, including a newborn baby ray shot with an arrow who then slowly died on a blood-soaked boat.

SHARK's boat, the Bob & Nancy (named after animal protection heroes Bob Barker and Nancy Burnet) filming bowhunters with our Angel aircraft. Chris DeRose, President of Last Chance for Animals, joined us on our boat and helped document the cruelty

By being on the water and using our Angel, we were able to take unprecedented video that showed the rays being shot at point-blank range and then tortured on the bowhunter's boat. This animal abuse included one ray that we documented was still alive and struggling for a full 30 minutes after she and been shot with an arrow and dumped into a bucket filled with bloody water.  We filmed another ray being violently beaten and repeatedly stabbed with a gaff.  The entire killing contest was a disgrace.

Our video also shows how the Confederate flag was proudly flown on multiple boats and prominently displayed at the weigh-in station

One bowhunter, whose named we discovered is Joe Bowles, made a shocking revelation when he said that he was related to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, the implication being that they had his protection to continue to slaughter helpless rays, many of whom were pregnant. Mr. Bowles' statement is great cause for alarm, as there has been massive public outrage against cruel ray killing contests, with more than 137,000 people having signed a petition to end them, yet Governor Hogan has taken no action to follow the will of the people. 
Joe Bowles, the bowhunter who claimed that he was related to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and that they had his protection

If Mr. Bowles was telling the truth, then Governor Hogan has abused his power to protect a handful of vile men, men who proudly fly the Confederate flag and who commit heinous acts of animal abuse. 

The press conference was a great success, with three television stations and one newspaper covering the story.  The issue has also been taken up in the British press and has gone international.
This poor ray was still alive as they hooked her mouth and pulled the barbed arrow out of her body

We will have much more about this important campaign in the near future. In the meantime, please share our video on social media, comment on the stories that have been released so far and please call Governor Larry Hogan and politely ask that he take immediate action to stop the wholesale slaughter of these majestic animals.

Governor Larry Hogan


Web email
SHARK and our partner, Maryland based Fish Feel, who joined us at the press conference, are going to continue to fight to have these horrific contests banned, but we need your help.  This was an incredibly expensive campaign. We need your financial support to help us continue to fight these critically important campaigns and to expose the unbelievable cruelty committed by those who enjoy slaughtering animals for fun.
Please make a generous donation HERE

SHARK's 2015 Year in Review

These are just some of the campaigns and victories SHARK has achieved in 2015.  Please click HERE to download our full mailer.

To make a donation to help us continue our vital work for animals, please click 

Dear Friends,

Looking back at SHARK’s work this past year, we see a long list of victories - accomplishments that happened only because of our supporters. We must note that among our very best supporters have been Bob Barker, Last Chance for Animals, and the Mickey Petersen Charitable Fund. We thank them and all our supporters for making this year possible. Now here is what has happened in 2015.
Top:  Grace trying to clean herself with the arrow protruding from her face. Bottom: Grace, still tranquilized, after the arrow was removed
In our last mailer we told you of a young deer in New Jersey we named Grace. Shot in the face by a bowhunter in December 2014, Grace somehow survived for ten months 
with the arrow embedded in her nose.

Our videos of Grace received wide media coverage, and a petition was started that garnered more than 100,000 signatures! This put tremendous pressure on the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife (FW), which finally took action after months of ignoring her.

We are overjoyed to tell you that on September 1st, Grace was tranquilized and the accursed arrow was sheared off!  A local resident is keeping an eye on Grace and her fawn, and both are alive and well.  
If not for our video and campaign for Grace, and the pressure brought upon FW, she would either be suffering to this day with that arrow in her face, or she would have finally succumbed and died.

In the summer of 2014, SHARK’s team filmed a cruel “Pig Rassle” held in Wisconsin by the St. Patrick Parish. Our video of the violence committed against pigs was seen more than a quarter of a million times. We held press conferences in Wisconsin and challenged the Diocese of Green Bay to shut this cruelty down. 
In 2015, after decades of abuse, the church finally relented and the event was shut down!

Maryland-based Fish Feel alerted us that a cruel cownose ray killing contest was to be held in Maryland on June 13th, 2015. SHARK was out in force with two teams filming as pregnant rays were shot at point-blank range with arrows then beaten mercilessly with metal bats. The rays were not killed for food. After the slaughter was over and the bodies were weighed, they were illegally dumped back into the river.
Our video of the heinous slaughter of these pregnant animals went viral and a petition to end these killing contests received more than 100,000 signatures. We are now working with Fish Feel on legislation banning such vile tournaments in Maryland. SHARK’s new boat, the Bob & Nancy, will play a big part in documentation of these killing contests in 2016.



First a quick history on this sordid case of cruelty, cowardice and corruption. In the summer of 2014, numerous animal protection and welfare groups were sent information about a live pigeon shoot fundraiser for Jim Inhofe, the senior US senator from Oklahoma. Some of the groups that received that letter raise more than a million dollars a week, yet not one of them went to the effort to send someone to the shoot to expose it. Only SHARK, which operates on a shoe-string budget, took direct action. SHARK investigator Stu Chaifetz attended the fundraiser undercover. 

The video Stu took of that vicious slaughter went viral, exposing Inhofe’s sadistic cruelty nationwide and beyond, but that was just the beginning.

 A victim of the Inhofe fundraiser

People from the US Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) saw SHARK’s  ideo and realized that the property Inhofe used was federal land. In documents and photographs SHARK obtained from the BOR through the Freedom of Information Act, it was revealed that not only had Inhofe violated numerous laws by his use of federal land, but that additional pigeon shoots were being regularly held on the property. Illegal hunting blinds were also discovered there. 

BOR ordered the brick structure and hunting sites be torn down, and warned the manager of the property to never use the property like that again. That means that thousands of innocent birds and wild animals will no longer be shot and tortured for fun on that property again!

The US Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC) is a government-funded research facility in Clay County, Nebraska. USMARC performs cruel experiments on cows, lambs and pigs.

Last January, the NY Times exposed USMARC for it’s horrific abuse and high fatality rates. In November, SHARK teamed up with Last Chance for Animals (LCA) to learn more, driving to Nebraska to film the facility.

In video obtained from USMARC under the Freedom of Information Act, a pig was kicked and slapped
Stay tuned, as SHARK and LCA’s campaign against this tax-payer funded house of horrors is just getting started. The stories of suffering are deeply disturbing, but only by making them public will we be able to stop the indefensible cruelty.

On May 16, 2015, SHARK filmed a rodeo that was held as a fundraiser by the Sussex Christian School in Sussex, NJ. Our video exposed the brutal treatment of calves and steers. We called on the Sussex Christian School to not hold any future rodeos as fundraisers.  

They agreed and said they will not host another  rodeo next year.  We applaud the Sussex Christian School for choosing not to hold another cruel fundraiser!
One of the innocent calves that was abused at the Sussex Christian School rodeo

SHARK went undercover at a cruel Mexican style rodeo on Ma 7, 2015, at the DreamPark Equestrian Center in Gloucester County, NJ. Our video exposed brutal acts of animal cruelty and abuse of alcohol that lead to the rodeo being banned from the facility and the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control pulling all their permits to sell beer, which is a major revenue producer for the rodeo.
This bull was mercilessly whipped and electro-shocked

Ask yourself this -  What organizations were willing to take on a powerful, corrupt US Senator like Jim Inhofe? The answer is only SHARK.

Who fights for not only for the hundreds of thousands of innocent pigeons used in live pigeon shoots, and also for the life of one suffering deer, because we know that each and every animal is unique and deserves protection? SHARK does.

What organization has scored so many victories and saved so many lives while having only five full-time investigators (only four of whom are paid for their hard work)? Again, the answer is SHARK.

And to top it all off, what organizations do you know has accomplished so much while having so little money? The answer is SHARK. And we are struggling every day to find the resources to continue our work.

Please re-read this mailer again and let the breadth and significance of our work sink in. Throughout the US and beyond, SHARK goes where the violence is happening, and we put ourselves on the line between the abusers and their victims.

I implore you, in this season of giving, to consider making a generous donation so that we may fight even harder. Be part of the change you want. The lives we save will be the lives you save also.

For the Animals,

Steve Hindi
Founder and President
You can either mail a check to:
PO Box 28
Geneva, IL 60134
or donate online HERE.