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Kansas Veterinarian Caught Lying About Injured Rodeo Steer

SHARK investigators filmed the mishandling of an injured steer at the 2019 PRCA National Steer Roping Finals. The steer was dropped from a pallet due to carelessness, and fell headfirst to the pavement. The steer was then left, untreated, in a dark trailer, as was another injured steer. Dr. Brian Hode, was the official onsite veterinarian. A SHARK investigator called Dr. Hodes about the incident. Dr. Hodes, who was unaware that there was video documentation, repeated denied the incident. His statements were recorded, and are part of this video.




SHARK's 2019 Year-End Review Video!



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Injured Rodeo Steer Dropped, then Abandoned by PRCA

At the PRCA National Finals Steer Busting finals in November 2019 a steer was injured during this brutal steer busting competition. He was taken out the back of the building, to be dumped in a trailer, without care. Although four people were moving him, the thugs were so incompetent, the steer was dropped as he was lifted by forklift. The already suffering animal was dumped headfirst onto the pavement.




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