Cops Kill Animals/Cops Save Animals

On this page SHARK will highlight the best and the worst of police interactions with animals.


   - You'll see cops being heroes - going above and beyond their duties to help animals. 
   - We will also show the dark side of police acting as cruel and dangerous animal killers.


Cop Rescues Kitten from Highway

Officer Jason Smith, of the North Kansas Police Department, rescues a kitten stuck between opposing lanes of a busy highway. Thank the North Kansas City Police Department:


Cop Shoots Chihuahua in the Face

Faulkner County, Arkansas Sheriff's Deputy Keenan Wallace carelessly shoots a small chihuahua who posed no threat to him. SHARK wants to make certain Keenan Wallace never works in law enforcement again.



Two Good Cops Rescue a Seal

Watch two good cops rescue a young Guadalupe fur seal entangled in a net.

Thank the Ocean Shores Police Department on Facebook: