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Media Coverage of SHARK’s Exposé of US Senator’s Cruel Live Pigeon Shoot


There has been a frenzy of media coverage over SHARK’s undercover operation exposing Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe’s vicious live pigeon shoot fundraiser.
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We are not done with this by a long shot and there will be more news soon. Until then, here is the list of media coverage so far:

 Animal rights group calls Oklahoma Senator’s pigeon shoot “cruel”

Inhofe fundraiser event causes flap

Republican US senator condemned for taking part in live pigeon shoot

SHARK catches U.S. Senator James “Global warming is a hoax” Inhofe on video hosting a pigeon-blasting fundraiser

Video: Meanwhile In Oklahoma…US Senator Holds Live Pigeon Shooting Event To Raise Money For His Reelection – Is This Hunting, Or Just Slaughter For Profit?

Animal ‘Kindness’ Group Criticizes Inhofe Dove Hunt

The Associated Press published a story which was picked up by numerous media outlets.  Here are just a few of them:

Daily Mail (UK)

ABC News

Fox News Politics

One of the many victims of Senator Inhofe's vicious pigeon shoot. This bird landed by our undercover investigator. You can see how badly she was wounded by the large amount of blood that poured out under her wing.

Please politely contact Senator Inhofe's campaign office and Senate office in Washington. D.C and ask why he committed such a horrendous act of animal cruelty:
Senate Office: (202) 224-4721
Friends of Jim Inhofe: (405) 418-7545

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jiminhofe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/InhofePress

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