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The Brutal Reality of Pigeon Shoots

July 3, 2014

Randy Santucci supports live pigeon shoots but fails to describe what a live pigeon shoot is. This is not an accident. I am sure Mr. Santucci knows that the reason why so many people are opposed to pigeon shooting, including hunters and members of the NRA, is because of how obscene, immoral and cruel pigeon shoots are. As someone who has been on the ground at numerous shoots, allow me to tell you what Mr. Santucci doesn’t want you to know.

The cruelty begins long before any shots are fired. No matter what the originating source the pigeons come from, whether they are sold by pest control companies, bred for shoots or trapped off the street, these animals are starved and deprived of water for days leading up to the shoot. We know this because every pigeon we have rescued has been on the verge of starvation and are desperate for a drink of water.


Rodeo Season Update: Injuries and Deaths Pile Up

August 1, 2013

Recently, I blogged on the Underbelly of Rodeos: Busting the American Myth and feel the need for an update as here we are in early August, and already the horrific occurrences of abuse, injuries and deaths are significant. I've read a lot about "freak accidents" at rodeos, and how shocked and horrified rodeo people are when... sigh... that gosh darn animal got his neck snapped -- who would have thought roping a calf or steer around his neck and violently jerking him off his feet may break his neck! Certainly, it would appear not the "cowboys" who have caused it and seen it happen time and time again, and yet still remain bemused by the apparent "freak accident."


Rodeo Season 2013 Starts Racking Up The Abuse

July 13, 2013 

(Photo: Reno Rodeo 2013 – Ellie Lopez-Bowlan)

Against all the mind-numbing denials from the rodeo industry a clear voice rings out against the abuse of animals for “entertainment.” Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Colorado, award-winning animal behavior expert and prolific author, Marc Bekoff called for a ban on rodeos after viewing the footage of a horse going into convulsions and dying at Cowtown Rodeo on June 29, 2013. Our SHARK investigator witnessed 9-year-old Duke being electro-shocked out of the bucking chute and seconds later he was dead. The rodeo owner Grant Harris denied that Duke had been shocked even though he admitted the images did show a person, crouched down, holding an electro-prod next to Duke.


The Underbelly of Rodeos: Busting the American Myth

June 30, 2013

As originally seen on the HuffingtonPost

These days YouTube seems to be doing the job of investigative journalism and law enforcement, hopefully in a helpful way. There really is nowhere left to hide and nowhere can it be said to be more useful than in exposing heinous acts of animal cruelty. Groups like Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) have used social media to such a great degree that it is hard to refute egregious acts of animal exploitation and abuse. As the 2013 rodeo season gets well under way, we can expect to see yet more evidence that the animals suffer enormously for the jeering crowds. 


VICTORY! SHARK Shuts Down Cruel Barnyard Scramble

June 27, 2013

We are pleased to announce that our campaign to shut down the cruel "Barnyard Scramble," at the Riverdale Rodeo in Riverdale, California, is an unqualified success! This event, where dozens of young animals are thrown into a horde of rampaging children, can be seen in the following SHARK video:


Barnyard Scramble or Trample?

June 5, 2013 

On May 5th, 2013 SHARK attended the Riverdale Rodeo in California and videotaped the “Barnyard Scramble” event. The “Barnyard Scramble” or should I say “Barnyard Trample,” is where a large group of stampeding children are let loose in an arena filled with small, terrified animals.



SHARK Inspired Senate Bills

April 8, 2013

It is easy to get disillusioned in the animal protection movement but today I am proud to say that SHARK investigations have prompted not one but THREE senate bills. VA SB1532, inspired by our camera drone being shot at over a live pigeon shoot, seeks to criminalize groups using camera drones to track animal abusing hunters.

But recent information coming to light suggests there is more to this bill then meets the eye.  The bill would also protect fox penning, where a wild fox or coyote is put in a pen and then attacked by a pack of hunting dogs for “entertainment.” Virginia Senator Frank M. Ruff who proposed this bill represents Mecklenburg County where five of these despicable clubs operate.