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Cherokee chief participated in live pigeon shoot for Sen. Inhofe

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The leader of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is coming under fire for participating in a fundraising event for Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma).

The tribe's political donations are no secret but critics believe Chief Bill John Baker stepped over the line by going to a live pigeon shoot for Inhofe earlier this month. He went in his official Cherokee Nation vehicle, wore a Cherokee Nation shirt and can be seen shooting at the birds in videos posted by an animal rights group.

"If the chief of our nation does something on a personal level, that is his business, but if he does something as our representative, under the title of the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, then it becomes our business," Twila Barnes, a tribal citizen, observed on her blog, Polly's Granddaughter.

As a gold sponsor, the tribe donated $2,500 attend the event, which was billed as a "dove hunt." But attorney Michael Moore, another tribal citizen, described it as a "horrific slaughter."

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