James Newcomb Violates His Bond by Holding an Illegal Cockfight

Here are three images that document James Newcomb and Beckie Newcomb during an illegal cockfight which was held at their property on July 18, 2021. The property is located on Wiseman Cemetery Hill Road, in Symmes Township, Ohio.
Mr. Newcomb is currently out on bond, and is awaiting trial on three felony charges stemming from a vicious attack on SHARK investigators, we are asking that the prosecutor immediately revoke his bond.
James Newcomb in a fighting pit. He and some other individuals are watching two roosters fighting. (Click photo to enlarge)
James Newcomb and Beckie Newcomb standing next to each other as they watch a fight. (Click photo to enlarge)
An unidentified individual holding a rooster with a fighting weapon attached to his leg, with Beckie Newcomb in the background.(Click photo to enlarge)

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