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Marcus Lemonis - "Profit," or Animal Abuse Enabler?

Please contact Marcus Lemonis and courteously but firmly demand that he stop hiding over his sponsorship of terrible animal cruelty. Also, please let us know of any response you may receive.

Contact Information:

Gander Outdoors Phone: 1(888)542-6337

Web: https://www.ganderoutdoors.com/contact

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Gander RV Phone: 1(888)542-6337

Web: https://www.ganderoutdoors.com/contact

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Camping World Phone: 1(800)626-3636

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Denver Post Update / Pig Wrestling Worker Exposes Himself Near Young Girl





September 11, 2018


On August 13, 2018, SHARK released a video exposing the ties betweenThe Denver Post and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, or CFD. We’ve just released a new video updating the public to this campaign. Please watch it HERE
To summarize our videos and this campaign:

• Based on more than a decade of video documentation at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, SHARK has concluded that it is the most cruel and deadly rodeo in the world.

• The Denver Post, through its foundation, sponsors The Denver Post Cheyenne Frontier Days Train, which both promotes, and takes passengers to the rodeo. Denver Post chairman W. Dean Singleton was quoted that he told the rodeo, “You give me a rodeo, I’ll give you a train.”

• Instead of reporting on the many injuries and deaths at CFD, The Denver Post instead chose to publish a series of promotional pictures.
Just one of many examples of a horse brutalized at the CFD rodeo

Following the release of our first video, SHARK, and many of you reached out to management at The Denver Post to see if they would respond, and we thank you for taking action. However, no one from The Post responded to us regarding this important issue.

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo is not some benign event like a local bake sale that a newspaper can safely endorse without violating it’s ethical principles. This rodeo, where a number of horses have been brutalized and even killed, is in fact a highly controversial event that is very much a subject of news reporting, and therefore should not be tied directly to or receive special treatment from any media outlet. 
A horse slammed into a metal fence and went over it at the CFD rodeo

The DENVER POST ETHICS POLICY states: "Our job is to intensely scrutinize the activities of others as watchdogs that challenge authority and give voice to the voiceless. Our own actions should withstand equally intense scrutiny. We should be transparent.'

We approached the editorial staff of The Denver Post with this evidence and asked them to disassociate the paper from the rodeo due to the inherent conflicts that exist, yet they refuse to even discuss this issue with us. You cannot claim to be a watchdog whose “...own actions should withstand equally intense scrutiny,” and then deliberately ignore when someone does just that.”

Our campaign raises very legitimate issues. Years of solid video documentation deserves a response from a publication of the caliber of the Denver Post. One would think that the Post would be motivated to defend its actions. But instead of standing as a pillar of journalistic integrity, The Post is instead sponsoring and promoting organized animal abuse, injuries and death.

SHARK again calls on the staff of The Denver Post to respond to our well-founded claims that The Post sponsors cruelty, and fails to report the facts. Please politely contact the following and ask that they respond to this issue.
Lee Ann Colacioppo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Editor of The Denver Post
Tracy Ulmer
President of The Denver Post Community Foundation
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also call The Denver Post at 303-832-3232, send a letter to the editor using this link, and leave a comment on the Post's Facebook account.

On July 21, 2018,  SHARK documented a cruel pig wrestling event which was held at the Cauldron Falls Bar and Grill, located in Marinette County, WI.  A number of young children were present at the event where pigs were brutalized and female contestants encouraged to expose their breasts. 

A pig being brutalized at the event

Our undercover videographer captured footage of a male working the event who exposed his genitals just a few feet away from a very young girl. We reported this to the Marinette County Sheriff's Department who, only after our continued pressure, finally took action. Their response, however, was pathetic, as he was only charged with disorderly conduct. It is also important to note that human/animal fighting is illegal in Wisconsin. 
The worker who exposed himself with the young girl (white shirt, on the left)

Not only did a grown man expose himself near a young girl, but the fight itself was clearly illegal. We therefore call for the worker and the bar to be held fully accountable for these violations and this event banned from happening again.

Please contact the Marinette County District Attorney and ask that he take stronger action against the worker and to make sure  Cauldron Falls Bar and Grill is prosecuted for violating Wisconsin’s anti-animal fighting law.
EMAIL: DeShea D. Morrow, District Attorney

Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, has been forced out due to allegations of sexual assault and harassment. If you’re wondering why this matters to SHARK, you need to remember that SHARK has waged a campaign to get CBS to stop airing the cruel National Finals Rodeo. We reached out to Moonves many times, but he refused to respond. It’s not a big surprise that someone who would protect animal cruelty would be cruel to women.

We will reach out to his replacement and try to convince them to stop airing this disgraceful rodeo. We will have more information in the near future.

Illinois Bobcats Need Your Help! - September 17, 2018

September 17, 2018


• This is a specific call to help for residents of Illinois.

Hunting permits for bobcats are on sale right now. Residents of Illinois can purchase these. If more than 1,000 people buy them, the permits will go into a lottery system and it is possible to deny a hunter a permit if you get one. Please go to the following link and submit for a bobcat permit:  

This is what the section that you need to choose, once you get to the website, looks like. Then click that link and fill out the application as instructed.

The permit only costs $6.15, so this is a minor expense that could very well save the life of a bobcat.

Please also contact Illinois Govern Bruce Rauner and ask him to stop these barbaric and pointless hunts:

In this new video, SHARK takes on animal abuse minions that don't like our drone operation. They've threatened for years to fly drones over SHARK president Steve Hindi's home. Now he's turned the tables on them.

Click the picture to watch the video:


SHARK Hits A Major Milestone: 100 Million Views On Our YouTube Channel!





September 9, 2018


SHARK is proud to announced that our YouTube channel has reached and broken through the 100,000,000 views mark! This is a terrific milestone for SHARK, and we thank you for watching and sharing our videos. We must note that this number doesn't include our videos which are also posted to LiveLeak, Vimeo, and other video posting sites, which means millions more have actually seen our videos.

SHARK's YouTube channel has more than 124,000 subscribers and more than a thousand videos

SHARK’s mission has been to go to the killing fields, capture video of the cruelty that  animal abusers don’t want anyone to see. Then we release that video to educate and convince the public to help us stop that cruelty. Hitting the 100 million view mark confirms that SHARK has not only been doing the right thing, but that there is a hunger out there for the truth about what happens to animals, and a desire to see abuses stopped. 

Many if not most animal organizations focus their efforts on communicating to their donors. SHARK operates in exactly the opposite way. We aren't focusing on our donors, because you already know that animals are suffering. You are already doing what you can to help them.
It is everyone else who needs to learn about our nonhuman friends, and the plights they face. It is everyone else to whom the vast majority of our videos are focused. A quote from Chief Seattle has alway rang particularly true to me:

"What is man without the beasts? For if all the beast were gone, man would die of a great loneliness of the spirit."

In these trying times, I am reminded of this truth. Humans today indeed suffer from a mass loneliness of the spirit, as they pursue fortune, and status. These not only don't really matter in making a better world, but have eroded our moral and spiritual fiber to the point that the human race seems at the point of collapsing our very world around us. We have become a mass of warring tribes, burning up our world and laying waste and destruction to everything.

SHARK communicates the importance of our animal brethren in large part via our videos. We let people see the world through our eyes, and let them look at the animals' eyes to see into their very souls. If people can learn to understand animals, and their importance on the planet, perhaps they can learn to live like the animals - in balance and harmony - sustainably.

SHARK goes right to where the animals are being slaughtered, such as the shore of the Delaware River where the Philadelphia Gun Club shoots pigeons for fun. Here you see two wounded birds we rescued from slow and painful deaths
We don’t see this milestone as an end, but as the beginning of the march to the 200,000,000 mark, and then to the 300,000,000 after that. We will never be satisfied until the plight of animals is seen by everyone and the cruelty is stopped, and while that is an audacious goal, if you don’t strive to reach the stars you’ll never leave the ground at all.  

We thank you for your financial support which has funded our video operations and allowed us to go places that no one other group would dare to go, and to then share that video with the world, and we hope you will continue to support us so we may do even more good work for animals.