SHARK's letter to Kentucky State Police Post 9 and their response

SHARK's letter to Kentucky State Police Post 9 and their response:


October 6th, 2021


Captain Randall Surber,


Post 9, the post you command, is being publicly designated by SHARK as the “Kentucky’s Most Corrupt State Police Post.”


The reason for this designation is very simple. Cockfighting is illegal throughout the US, including Kentucky. Nevertheless, Pike County, the area patrolled by Post 9, includes two of the biggest cockfight pits in the state - the Blackberry pit, and the Hawk’s Nest pit.


As you are aware, SHARK has supplied you with extensive information about these criminal operations. This information includes, but is not limited to aerial images of the cockfight buildings, the times and days of operation, schedules printed by the cockfighters, and the names, images and other information about the people running the cockfights.


In spite of having all this information, and in spite of our repeated contact with your personnel, you took no action against these long-running criminal operations, which involve additional criminal activities including illegal gambling, the trafficking of illegal drugs, weapons and women, tax evasion, etc.


I am sending a copy of this letter to Major Darren Stapleton, who is on the command staff of the Commissioner of the State Police. If you, or your superiors in Frankfurt wish to offer a statement to defend your inaction, we will post it, unedited and in its entirety, alongside this letter, on our website.


Going forward, we will continue to update our website page with updated information about what Post 9 is, or is not doing to combat these criminal enterprises.




Steve Hindi, President

SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness


cc: Major Darren Stapleton



And their response so far:





Report Cockfighting!

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