Monterey Co, CA Rooster Addresses

16820 El Rancho Way, Salinas, CA (Parcel Number 261081003000)

16860 El Rancho Way, Salinas, CA (Parcel Number 261081005000)

16880 El Ranch Way, Salinas, CA (Parcel Number 261081006000)

16990 El Rancho Way, Salinas, CA (Parcel Number 261131036000)

412 Virginia Avenue, Salinas, CA (Parcel Number 261092014000)

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Cockfighting Cruelty, Corruption in Monterey County, California

"Crush Cockfighting" Campaign Update

This video is an update on SHARK's campaign to "Crush Cockfighting."


SHARK Fights Cockfighting in Monterey County, California

Report Cockfighting!

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