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AV NEWS: SHARK Drone Activism

Checkout this awesome video the good people at AirVūz put together about SHARK's use of drones!

AV NEWS: SHARK Drone Activism

Description: [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT} SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) fights to protect animals from abuse and cruelty by using drones and UAV technology to gather video evidence of the criminal activity. Started by Steve Hindi in 1993, SHARK has proven to be so effective protecting animals that they've won the support from famed animal rights activist Bob Barker of TV's "The Price is Right." See how they use drones to fight corruption and change society for the better in this AirVūz News exclusive!. SHARK is a non-profit organization, to donate go to www.SHARKonline.org.


UPDATE September 2018.  AirVūz has put out another video featuring some SHARK footage. Check it out!

AV News: Tips for Handling Drone Adversaries

Description: Sometimes while flying your drone people will confront you while you're in the air. Whether they are concerned about privacy or just curious, it is usually an unwelcome distraction. In this AirVūz News story you can learn from skilled professional drone pilots who have been accosted while flying, as they share tips on how to handle the situation from their own experience. Remember: always be polite and respectful even though you're being antagonized! It will help us all be more accepted by others in the long run.


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Watch SHARK's first video of this stop for much more info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8getuMxnV0 Oregon's...

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