Animal Protection Groups Calls On Sheryl Crow to Denounce Horse Abuse at Brutal Rodeo

May 17, 2011

Sheryl Crow has been an outspoken supporter of wild horses.  It is because of this that SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) is surprised that she is scheduled to perform at the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo (CFD), opening night, July 22. 

SHARK has documented cruelty and even deaths of horses at the CFD. We sent Sheryl Crow the following letter dated May 11, 2011 (Click here to read the complete letter), and we are today releasing the following YouTube video.  This video not only speaks personally to Ms. Crow, but shows footage SHARK has taken exposing the cruel and inhumane treatment of horses at CFD. One of the most vicious events is the "Wild Horse Race" (see video).

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The Cheyenne Rodeo Humane Rule that Wasn't

Can these people possibly slither any lower?

If you go to the "Animal Care" page of the Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) website, you'll read all about the rodeo's "Commitment to Animal Care," and if you didn't know about all the cruel, injurious and sometimes deadly abuses to the rodeo animals, you might be fooled. But the latest CFD debacle stands as a wonderful testament to the truth about the treatment of rodeo animals.

Cheyenne is a place where jerk-downs traditionally abound, and SHARK has the graphic and sometimes gruesome video documentation to prove it. So while Cheyenne claims that it "does not condone animal abuse," that is nonsensical propaganda. The rodeo's allowance of jerk-downs alone prove that, not to mention steer busting, the wild horse race and other cruelty.

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Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Supports Animal Abuse

What are the medical professionals at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center thinking by sponsoring the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo? A rodeo considered by some to be the most brutal and deadly rodeo in the world. You would think medical professionals would see enough injuries, disease and death already. So why would they give money to support even more? Ask Dr. John Lucas, the CEO below.

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Horse dies at CFD

A 4-year-old mare, Strawberry Fudge, fell shortly after leaving the chute

By Jeremiah Johnke
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CHEYENNE -- A horse that was removed from the Frontier Park Arena during Sunday's Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo performance has died.

Strawberry Fudge, a 4-year-old mare owned by the Vold Rodeo Company, fell to the arena floor on its right side shortly after leaving the chute. Rookie saddle bronc rider Brett Olive of Ford, Kan., was pinned underneath the horse until on-site veterinarians positioned the horse to load it in the arena's animal ambulance. Arena personnel immobilized and sedated the animal to prevent further injury prior to loading it.

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CFD Chairman Caught Playing the Media

Among the many people that SHARK personally invited to SHARK's April 16, 2008 press conference in Cheyenne, CFD officials were, of course, included.

In a Wyoming-Tribune Eagle article, Charlie West, CFD's general chairman, said "someone from his organization will be at the conference. He added that he hopes for an open conversation about the two sides of the issue."

Mr. West then went on the attack to accuse SHARK of deliberately trying to skew the conference and keep CFD people out. The article states:

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