February 10, 2013

A few months ago, SHARK documented some of the worst animal abuse seen to date at the Wing Pointe shooting club. Alarmingly, the abuse occurred at the hands of two young individuals who appeared to derive great amusement at their extreme callousness. 

The identity of one of the abusers was revealed to SHARK and after some investigation we discovered that he had a seriously violent attitude towards his family by imagining strangling them with piano wire, a post discovered on one of his social media sites amongst other horrible racist commentary. This is of course, of extreme concern considering the history of threats and cruelty gunmen at recent massacres have previously shown towards animals. Most recently, Jimmy Lee Dykes who kidnapped and held a 5-year-old boy in Alabama had allegedly beaten his neighbor’s dog to death with a pipe. The connection between youths committing violent acts on animals leading to violence against people is clear. It has been well documented by the FBI and the American Psychiatric Association and we have documented many occasions where young children are indoctrinated into cruelty and violence at these illegal live pigeon shoots.

In an interview conducted by the Humane Society United States (HSUS) with FBI Agent Alan Brantley, the HSUS found that the FBI believes, “..the investigation and prosecution of crimes against animals is an important tool for identifying people who are, or may become, perpetrators of violent crimes against people.”

Not so shockingly, PA local law enforcement has refused to act on this illegal activity, perhaps scared by the NRA’s involvement, which is a deeper cause for alarm. In a recent NRA alert sent to members they claim to care about America’s greatest asset, its children. Nothing could be further from the truth as they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, influenced multiple state senators and a local district attorney to ensure that nothing is done in the state of Pennsylvania to halt such gratuitous violence at these events. If they cared about American children they would certainly care that cruel live pigeon shoots are being used as a breeding ground for potential future violent offenders. The evidence is clear, and graphically explained in multiple studies by the FBI – violence against animals leads to violence against people, mix in guns and you have a potential Columbine in Pennsylvania. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who shot and killed 12 classmates at Columbine before shooting themselves bragged to classmates about mutilating animals. High school murderers Kip Kinkel in Springfield, Oregon and Luke Woodham in Pearl, Mississippi, tortured and killed animals before their shooting sprees and there are multiple examples of many more animal abusers turned killers horrifyingly, too numerous to mention.

FBI Agent Brantley also stated in the above-mentioned interview, “Some children might follow along to be accepted, but the ones we need to worry about are the one or two dominant, influential children who initiate the cruelty.” Given the deliberate horrific cruelty captured on film on September 30th plus the obvious violent fantasies posted publicly, it would seem more than prudent for the local law enforcement to initiate at the very least an investigation into the perpetrators of animal abuse at these illegal live pigeon shoots. If not, I would not be sending my children to any schools in that area any time soon.


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