June 21, 2010

Dear Friends,

In the same way that our namesakes are constantly on the move throughout the oceans, SHARK fights nonstop and relentlessly against animal abuse and abusers, taking the battle to them, wherever they are.

These past two weeks SHARK has investigated rodeos in Casper, Wyoming and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Casper hosted the College National Finals Rodeo, and our documentation exposed horses being secretly shocked to make them appear wild. A week later, the Santa Fe rodeo, which involved the same stock contractor as the college rodeo finals, involved animals who were clearly injured, but who were nonetheless denied veterinary care. In fact, rodeo officials denied that the animals were injured, never mind the video documentation.

The Casper Tribune did a terrific story exposing the shocking at the college rodeo finals, and the rodeo folks helped out by talking themselves into an even deeper hole.

On June 19th, Stu Chaifetz attended National Pigeon Day in New York City, and spoke about SHARK’s efforts to end Pennsylvania’s live pigeon shoots.

We have unveiled Operation Angel, our small but growing fleet of radio-controlled aircraft that will be used to document animal abuse from the air, including pigeon shoots, cockfights, dogfights, canned hunts and other forms of abuse. We'll be talking more about this in future blogs, so stay tuned.

The point is this; we are a frontline organization action that acts first and thinks about things such as outreach and fundraising later. And while this has created an unprecedented record of victories, battles fought and groundbreaking uses of new technology to save animal lives, it has left us somewhat disconnected from the greater animal protection community. Once we’ve finished a campaign, we just move right to the next one with barely taking a breath.

 As much as SHARK has already done for the cause of animals, we want to do more, much more, and that is going to require us having a greater presence online and building our membership. To that end, we have created this blog.

With this we’ll bring you in-depth news, investigative reports and stories from the SHARK universe. It is our hope that, with this new insight into SHARK and what we do, that you will want to join with us in this great rising against the most horrific acts of cruelty that man inflicts upon animal-kind.

You want to fight animal abusers like no one but SHARK can? Then join us and spread the word about our websites and this blog. And we want the communication to be a two-way street, so feel free to leave a comment or write privately to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SHARK may have been the hardest working animal protection group that you haven’t heard much of, but that’s all going to change. Get ready for the ride of your life.

• Check out our new videos exposing rodeo abuse.

The first is from the College National Rodeo Finals in Casper, Wyoming This got front page coverage and hit these thugs hard in their home state.


And this is from the Rodeo in Santa Fe, New Mexico, You can see how little they care about animals, as two steers are injured and left without care.

And some great accompanying media:



Watch for the stunning arrival of our Angel Air Force within a couple weeks. Be one of the first to see the future of animal protection!!!

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