July 25, 2013

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In a blatant disregard for the welfare of animals and against the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s (PRCA) rules, Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) continues to allow “jerk downs.” One calf was so severely injured during a roping event it had to be hauled out on a trailer. The contestant, upon seeing the calf was no longer moving, gives up and walks away. “Jerk downs,” supposedly banned by the PRCA, are allowed to continue at CFD. The PRCA has been totally ineffective at regulating their sanctioned rodeos.

The PRCA rule clearly states, “TIE DOWN ROPING 2013 GROUND RULE. For the 2013 rodeo season, an industry wide no jerk down rule will be in effect. The “jerk down” will be defined in accordance with PRCA Rule R11.6.5 and will be enforced at all PRCA sanctioned events.“ 

Deaths and severe injuries such as broken legs, broken necks, spine and neck injuries are commonplace during 'jerk downs.'  A jerk down occurs when a calf is roped around the neck and is violently flipped over backwards, landing on his head, neck or back.

SHARK President Steve Hindi states, “Once again, the PRCA fails completely in enforcing their own rules and holding anyone accountable. Their animal welfare rules are not worth the paper they are written on.”

The PRCA and CFD have repeatedly stated that they have the highest concern for the welfare of the animals, but CFD continues to practice banned, deadly “jerk downs.” SHARK is demanding the PRCA and CFD account for their actions. 

Contact: Steve Hindi – 630 640 1889

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