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Undercover Video Reveals More Shocking of Horses at Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo; Perpetrators Deny, Try to Hide Use of Electric Prod

CHEYENNE – Rodeo personnel continue to use electric shocks to the face of animals at the Cheyenne Rodeo this weekend, despite denials and failed attempts to hide the devices, new undercover video shows.

Friday video: Horse Hit in the Face with Electric Prod (:36)  http://youtu.be/V47pzDAXQv8
Saturday video: Horse shock, 'Cowboy' hides device (:29) http://youtu.be/_slTLtMkoZ8

After being caught on film Friday shocking a horse in the face, rodeo officials say it was a "one time thing." But, Saturday, new video shows it happening again, with rodeo personnel attempting to hide the shocking device.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) exposed the cruel electro-shocking of horses at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) in 2008, and the rodeo instituted a ban on the use of electric prods on horses. SHARK's video this weekend indicates that the electric prods are still being used.

“That rodeo thugs felt completely comfortable shocking a horse proves that CFD has gone back on their promise to ban electrical prods in the chutes,” states SHARK Investigator Mike Kobliska, who filmed the event.

“The CFD itself, along with everyone in that chute who witnessed the shocking, and said nothing, need to be held accountable for this,” states Kobliska. “And if not, then clearly the ‘ban’ on shocking was just a PR stunt and the CFD will have lied to both the media and public."

SHARK alerted CFD officials to the electro-shocking so that action could be taken to keep this cruelty from continuing.

You can read an article from 2008 about the “ban” here:  http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2008/04/19/featured_story/01top_04-19-08.txt#.U8mu06h_XaF


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