SHARK Undercover Video: Illinois Deer-Kill Mismanaged; Hidden Cameras Reveal Cruelty to Deer, Public Safety Threat and Suggest Program Not Needed


Thursday, March 12, 2015
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JOLIET, IL – SHARK, an international animal protection group based in Illinois, Thursday released undercover video from hidden cameras suggesting a controversial Illinois deer-killing program is being abused by shooters and endangering the public - and that the deer-kill may not be necessary at all.

Kane County resident Steve Hindi, president of SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), provided the video and made a detailed statement criticizing the deer-kill at a regular Board of Commissioners meeting of the Will County Forest Preserve District.

Full statement and undercover video: http://www.sharkonline.org/index.php/will-county-il-forest-preserve

"What we documented raises numerous questions about not only the way the program operates, and the treatment of the deer, but why there (is) a deer killing program at all," said Hindi Thursday. SHARK hidden cameras were placed in the "bait sites" last December 11 through February 5 of this year.

 "We believe an independent review is in order to look at the disturbing issues raised by our video documentation. We will be happy to work with those who might conduct such a review," Hindi said.

SHARK hidden cameras also reveal abuses by shooters, including leaving shot deer to suffer for up to an hour or more, and endangering public safety by apparently shooting outside the proscribed bait sites. "The bait sites are chosen for a reason - to protect people in surrounding homes from haphazard shots," he said.

Hindi and SHARK are recommending that if the deer kill continues, shooters should wear body cameras, and kill teams include representatives from the humane community armed with video cameras.

SHARK video documents what many preserve neighbors have said – that there does not appear to be an overabundance of deer. In fact, SHARK video shows that even though winter food is in short supply, deer are not flocking to the bait sites in the preserve.

"The bait sites are the equivalent of the only restaurant in town. Nevertheless, there were almost no customers. Locals have attested to the enormous drop in deer sightings, and our documentation supports their contention that there are not too many deer. Is there a need for a deer reduction program? Our documentation strongly suggests the answer at this time is no," Hindi said on the SHARK video.

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