On December 4, 1997, SHARK president Steve Hindi debated PRCA veterinarian Doug Corey on live television (Station KVBC, Channel 3) during the PRCA’s National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Corey was a last-minute replacement for the PRCA's scheduled debater, Steve Fleming, the PRCA's head of public relations. Apparently some cowpokes at the PRCA thought a veterinarian would have a better chance against Hindi, a veteran rodeo investigator. They were wrong.

After showing videotape of PRCA stock contractor John Barnes shocking bulls in violation of PRCA humane rules, Steve Hindi brought up another PRCA stock contractor, J-Bar-J Rodeo. J-Bar-J was also filmed shocking bulls in violation of PRCA rules. This prompted the following lively and illuminating exchanges between SHARK's president and the PRCA veterinarian:

Hindi: “How much did the PRCA fine J-Bar-J Rodeo?”


Corey: “That is confidential.”


Hindi: “Confidential?”


Corey: “It has been handled by Mr. T.J. Walter, our director of rodeo administration. That is confidential information.”


Hindi: “When Mike Tyson bit Evander Holifield’s ear off, they didn’t say, that’s confidential, what we’re going to do to him. When it happens in basketball, when it happens in baseball or football, whether it’s cocaine abuse, or whether it’s an infraction on the field, they don’t keep it private.”


Corey: “Well, that, you know, Mr. Hindi that’s, all I can tell you right now is, that is, that is your opinion.”


Hindi: “Legitimate sports don’t keep it private.”

After Corey voiced support for the use of electric prods in rodeos, a practice that is publicly condemned by prod manufacturer Hot Shot Corporation:

Hindi: “Do you know anything about stray voltage, Doctor, with bovines?”


(No response from Corey)


Hindi: “Bovines -- cows -- are far more susceptible to the effects of electricity than are humane beings. The stray voltage that a human being won’t even feel, in a barn, can kill a cow. Is that not true doctor? And you're shocking these animals with six to eight thousand volts coming out of these guns? That’s what your literature says.”


Corey: “I’m a veterinarian, I am not an electrician.”


Hindi: “Well then maybe you ought to learn more about it before you go supporting it.”


Hindi, while holding up a shock device: “Do you want to take the shock in front of the camera, doctor?”


(No response from Corey)


Hindi: “I didn’t think you would.”

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