Success! Bank of the West Dumps CFD!

Bank of the West has been a long time sponsor of the CFD rodeo, including being a platinum sponsor. It is our pleasure to announce, that after our campaign exposing sponsors of this cruel rodeo, Bank of the West has dropped their sponsorship!

Rodeos can’t survive without corporate money, so this was a great turn of events for animals abused and killed by the CFD rodeo!

Congratulations to all of you who wrote and supported this effort!


Success! GEICO is out of Rodeo!

Victory! As of July 02, 2012 GEICO is out of rodeo.

When SHARK discovered that GEICO insurance was sponsoring PRCA rodeos, we launched a major campaign against them, including launching a website and illustrations of what the GEICO gecko would look like if he was really at a rodeo.

Congratulations to all of you who wrote and supported this effort!

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Trader Joe's Says NO to Rodeo!

In 2008, SHARK investigators attended the Tucson Rodeo and documented horse after horse being shocked with electricity to make them perform. Watch here as the abusers take great care to try and hide their cruel actions from the crowd:

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Victory! Southwest Airlines Flies Away From Rodeo!


What is a "progressive" company like Southwest thinking? Southwest Airlines tries to appear animal-friendly by sponsoring the Humane Society of the United States's Genesis Awards, but then turns around and gives money to an industry that abuses hundreds of thousands of animals in rodeos every year.

We may never know, but the good news is that they are out of the rodeo animal abuse industry!

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Starbucks Buckles! Coffee Giant Halts Monetary Support to Rodeo Industry

SHARK is pleased to report that after waiting considerably longer than one might think for an "ethical" company, Starbucks Coffee has conditionally done the right thing by ending its financial support of rodeo animal abuse. While our active campaign against Starbucks, which began with SHARK's discovery of Starbucks' support of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, has come to a close, we are unable to give the company high marks for its conduct. Read on for an explanation and campaign history.

While endlessly touting its principles, ethics, and social responsibility, Starbucks Coffee showed little of those qualities during an approximately six month campaign designed to persuade Starbucks to stop giving advertising sponsorship money to rodeos. Those who have been involved in the campaign to stop Starbucks' rodeo sponsorships have seen a winding, twisting strategy from the company as it tried every possible way to confuse its customers and deny its rodeo involvement

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