It is the most comprehensive investigation ever conducted into rodeo cruelty.

Documented in late 2017, SHARK investigators and a Canadian veterinarian expose that not only does rodeo pose potential and real threats to animal safety and health, but that rodeo also violates the laws of the province of Quebec.

Beyond violating Quebec law, this exhaustive study of the effects of rodeo on horses, calves, bulls and steers exposes the lies of the rodeo industry. Shining a light on those lies is the first step to stopping the abuse.


Read the report written by Law Professor Alain Roy:

Dr. Jean-Jacques Kona-Boun 610 Page Rodeo Report:

The report submitted to the Rodeo Advisory Committee created in August 2017 by the Québec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ):

Comments On the Data and On the Analysis of Dr. Jean-Jaquest Kona-Boun by Veterinarians and Ethologists:  A small sample:


Watch more of the footage from these rodeos:

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