Las Vegas television news Channel 13’s report on the 2000 National Finals Rodeo included the following comments from PRCA calf and steer roper Trevor Brazile, with follow-up from SHARK president Steve Hindi:

Trevor Brazile: “These animals out here, they have breakfast, lunch and dinner before anybody. These guys that come out here, that's their job, is to take perfect care of these animals. People, you know, when they see it, they have no idea of the time and the sweat and the tears that go into this event, and, just the respect that we have for every animal.”


Steve Hindi: “I’ll tell you what, if that’s the way they love their animals, I’m glad I’m not one of their kids. This is abuse.”

Watch the video below to see the kind of “perfect care” and “respect” Trevor Brazile gives to rodeo animals. This clip comes from the PRCA’s 2008 steer roping finals in Hobbs, NM


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