Rodeo people spend a lot of time defending their abuse of animals. They think that using words like "animal athletes" to describe their victims will somehow fool the public into thinking that animals in rodeos have chosen this excuse for a life.

However, when faced with the prospect of publicly debating an animal defender from SHARK, Rodeo Thugs always run scared. SHARK has a standing offer to openly debate any rodeo organization: Anytime. Anywhere.

Not since 1997, when SHARK President Steve Hindi discredited every point made by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association's favored vet, Doug Corey, on live television in Las Vegas, has anyone from this cruel industry agreed to a debate. 

What do you get when the world's largest rodeo association pits its favorite veterinarian against SHARK's president in a debate about rodeos? One very nervous, sweaty, discredited and near-tears rodeo vet! Click below to watch SHARK's Steve Hindi vs. PRCA's Doug Corey.

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