SHARK President Exposes Pennsylvania "Humane" Groups


SHARK President Steve Hindi Attacks Pennsylvania's so-called humane organizations for refusing to deal with the state's most egregious cruelty - live pigeon shoots.

SHARK Exposes the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)

Did you know the American Quarter Horse Association not only supports horse slaughter, but actively worked AGAINST a ban on cruel and dangerous horse tripping in Oregon?



Monterey County SPCA Ignores Rodeo Animal Abuse

For no legitimate reason, phony cowboys at the California Rodeo in Salinas, CA insist on coating their bulls in hairspray to make them sticky and then dumping glitter on them. If you don't believe this is cruelty, spray yourself with hair spray, and pour glitter in your eyes. You'll be convinced.

Equally disturbing, the SPCA for Monterey County refuses to do anything about that, or any other cruelty at the rodeo, even while proclaiming its opposition to rodeo animal abuse.


ManUp Crusade Betrays its Mission Against Domestic Violence

The rodeo industry claims it opposes domestic violence. This video takes a look at the validity of that claim.