July 1, 2021


Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) and the Humane Farming Association (HFA) are partnering with brave Kentuckians to expose illegal cockfighting operations in KY by purchasing ads in major newspapers in the state.
Titled, "COCKFIGHTING IS DESTROYING KENTUCKY COMMUNITIES”, these hard-hitting ads detail the horrors inextricably tied to illegal cockfighting, such as animal cruelty, drug dealing, illegal firearms, organized crime and rampant illegal gambling.

Read the ad and watch our videos exposing cockfighting on Crushcockfighting.com

The ad also points out the protection cockfighting pits have received from the KY State Police as well as local police, such as at the Laurel County Sheriff’s department, where an actual cockfighter, who has worked for the largest criminal fighting operation in the region, is on staff.  It also shows a picture of two Clay County Deputies who were filmed by SHARK undercover investigators at a cockfight last summer.

The ads will run starting today in the Louisville Courier Journal and Friday in the Frankfort State Journal.

Please also remember that SHARK will be in Kentucky on the weekend of the 4th, patrolling cockfighting pits.

This will be one of the most dangerous operations we have ever conducted. These criminals stand to lose millions of dollars and life means nothing to them. That combination creates a potentially deadly environment, something we've faced before.

Constant pursuit of animal abusers is an absolute must. This is a large part of why SHARK is more productive then other groups. We don't sit in offices - we are in the field. Unfortunately, this costs money for fuel, food, lodging, wear and tear on vehicles and equipment. Travel isn't fun when you're chasing animals abusers. It's not fun at all, but it is vital to make positive change.

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