Bullfighting is the most indefensible type of animal abuse. SHARK's investigative footage shows in horrifying detail what happens at these events. Dare yourself to look further at the videos and photo slideshow below. You will not be able to deny the cruelty and pointlessness of what you see.

Bullfight Photo-Documentary

  • This is the true nature of the "fighting bull" when he is not being abused or bothered. Contrary to the propaganda of bullfighting apologists, bulls are normally quiet and peaceful animals, and only react violently in self-defense, or the defense of their turf. For a number of hours prior to the bullfight, the bull is held in a tiny isolation cell, devoid of food, water, light or the company of his herd. This confuses and panics the bull, and debilitates him physically and mentally. Just before entering the bullring, the bull is harpooned. He begins the fight for his life already wounded and bleeding. This "fight" is completely fixed.
  • Horses are also victimized in bullfights. Blindfolded so they cannot run away, the horses are used to draw the terrified and confused bull into an attack. Two men on horseback repeatedly spear the bull, while the horse takes the punishment. Although they are wrapped in padding, horses are regularly injured and killed in bullrings.
  • The rider repeatedly slams his spear deep into the bull's back and shoulders, ripping and tearing the muscles and tendons that would allow the bull to defend himself, and causing severe blood loss.
  • The wounds and blood loss from the brutal spearing are incredible, and further destroys any claim that this is a fair fight.
  • Hardly the brave men portrayed in bullfighting propaganda, these thugs wait until the bull is severely crippled by the spearing from horseback. They are always ready to dash into their hiding places. This picture shows the support of Corona Beer, owned by Anheuser-Busch, for cruelty and cowardice.
  • With the bull gasping, bleeding and exhausted, the rest of the thugs come out of their hiding places and attack the victim with barbed harpoons. Corona's ads put money into the pockets of bullring owners, give public support to the torture, and public support to an activity that is illegal throughout the US and most of the world.
  • The spearing and harpooning further destroys the already ravaged shoulder and neck muscles, and leaves the bull in shock, gasping and crying out.
  • As more harpoons are slammed into the bull, the already heavy blood loss increases, further weakening and crippling him. Often he is hardly able to walk or raise his head much less defend himself or fight.
  • Often, the bulls are so thoroughly disabled by their torture they literally crawl or collapse completely in an attempt to escape their persecutors.
  • Though horribly injured, this young bull, hardly more than a calf, makes a stand to defend himself. The reaction of the "brave bullfighter" is to run and hide.
  • It is only after the exhausted, confused and terrified bull has endured hours of abuse, crippling wounds and incredible blood loss at the hands of a gang of thugs that the "brave" matador displays his "courage." The bullfighter performs tricks and humiliates the exhausted and dying bull who can barely stand and defecates and urinates uncontrollably.
  • After feeding the bloodlust of the drunken spectators, the "brave" killer rushes his victim, covers the bull's face with his cape, and stabs the bull with his sword. Bullfighting propaganda claims that the sword should hit the heart and instantly kill the bull. This almost never happens. The best chance the bull has of a relatively quick death is when he is stabbed in the lungs, in which case he vomits blood out of his nose and mouth, and drowns in his own blood. Often the bull is stabbed over and over again, as he cries out in pain and vainly attempts to flee the gang of killers.
  • This bull is mobbed by the gang of killers, with three capes visible. He is bleeding from the nose and mouth. Once stabbed by the long sword, the killers try to force as much movement as possible from the bull, so the sword will hack his insides to pieces and force him to go down, where he will endure more torture.
  • Finally the bull can no longer stand, and he goes down in complete submission. This "brave" bullfighter, knife in hand, walks up to the exhausted, dying bull to cause more torment. The thug stabs the bull in the back of the neck, and then savagely rips the knife back and forth to destroy the bull's spinal cord.
  • The devastation of the knife renders the bull paralyzed, but still alive and alert.  
  • This picture appropriately represents bullfighting. It is the activity of brutal and cruel cowards desperately attempting to hide themselves behind a facade of art, bravery and tradition by "challenging" a hopelessly overwhelmed opponent.
  • The great majority of citizens in both Spain and Mexico oppose bullfighting. Their compassionate voices of opposition to this carnage are ignored or silenced by governments that are as corrupt and treacherous as the bullfighting industry.
  • The paralyzed by still conscious bull is dragged around the bullring for the final pleasure of the bloodthirsty mob. Again you can see Corona's clear support for animal torture/killing.
  • Bulls and horses are not the only victims of bullrings. These emaciated heifers are used for practice by bullfighters and by tourists for entertainment. Calves are also available. For a fee, anyone with a sick mind can torture and kill animals in a bullring.
  • A bullring employee places a bloody harpoon tip into a Corona Beer cup. The harpoon was just ripped from the body of a bull who was tortured to death in a bullring in Puebla, Mexico. Corona literally has the blood of the innocent on it. Hopefully caring people will think of this picture before ordering a Corona, or any product of Anheuser-Busch. Ironically, Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser Beer and the major shareholder of Corona, also owns the Sea World marine parks, and claims to care about animals and conservation. This picture exposes the truth. Anheuser-Busch refuses to remove its support for possibly the worst animal torture on the planet, and not surprisingly also sponsors rodeos in the United States and Canada.
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