SHARK again exposes Alex Pacheco for scamming good-hearted people with his fictitious cookie that he claims will sterilize stray dogs. SHARK president Steve Hindi offers Pacheco $10,000 to prove he really has a project to develop such a product.


AS OF JANUARY 29, 2018, MR. PACHECO HAS NOT RESPONDED TO STEVE'S OFFER. For more information about animal scams, please go to Not everyone dealing with pet over population or animal causes generally are scammers.

Below is a short list of good groups.

 Groups that Deal With Companion Animal Overpopulation:

Spay First!

Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs

Feline Fix

Kitten Lady


Other Good Animal Protection Organizations:

Last Chance for Animals

Animals 24-7

Fish Feel

United Poultry Concerns

Stop Animal Exploitation Now!

Animal Legal Defense Fund

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