This is Lady, a 6-month-old victim and newest arrival at Baylor University’s bear prison. Lady lives alone on a slab of concrete, and paces repetitively and cries day and night. She sees the world only through multiple layers of chain link fencing. A recent injury caused her to limp and was clearly painful to her, but her trainer refused to get her veterinary care, claiming she is still learning to walk. That claim is utter nonsense. 




This is Joy, an 18-month-old inmate at Baylor University’s bear prison. Joy has already served 12 months in Baylor’s jail, on display for the amusement of the arrogant and insensitive Baylor administrators and students. She paces in a repetitive circle with a neurotic headshake. The misery on Joy’s face is heartbreaking. What a supreme irony, to name this miserable creature “Joy.” There can be no joy for her or any other bear prisoner at Baylor. 




That’s not dirt or leaves at the bottom of the bear pool – it’s feces. This crappy (literally) water is what Joy has to drink and cool off in! 







The feces shown in this picture are obviously many days old. 








This bear “trainer” shows up for duty in a fancy suit! Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to clean up the feces the bears were pacing through. After all, he wouldn’t want to mar his GQ look! 








These unattached drain covers are another sign of the shoddy care given to the bears and their jail cells. 





 If you have a tough time seeing little Lady, she has an equally difficult time seeing the world through her multiple layers of chain link fencing of her prison cell. 






Trying to deal with temperatures over 100 degrees and high humidity, a bored and overheated “Joy” breaks from her neurotic pacing for a few seconds to cool off in a feces-laden pool. 





In an effort to hide Lady’s neurotic pacing from SHARK video cameras, Baylor further cut the little bear off from the world with sheets of plywood. 







Once SHARK’s expose hit the Waco Tribune-Herald front page, the Baylor Bears were moved to a secret location. Baylor doesn’t like having their cruelty exposed. 






This is a “before” picture. This is the trailer used to transport the Baylor Bears. It has a special parking spot roped off next to the bears’ jail cells. 






This is an “after” picture, because once SHARK began videotaping the bears’ neurotic behavior, Baylor whisked the bears away, and the trailer’s parking spot was empty. 






Baylor actually has tours at the bear prison, where tour guides brag about their prisoners drinking Doctor Pepper! Doctor Pepper is a Baylor sponsor, so Baylor is happy to sacrifice the health of its prisoners for a photo opportunity! 





Baylor’s mascots are supposed to represent strength and bravery, but the young females imprisoned at Baylor are lonely, bored and neurotic. Are these the true qualities of the students and administrators of Baylor? How else could theses people ignore the unnatural behavior, the cries of the prisoners, or the filth of the bear prison?

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