I’ve been involved in animal protection issues for more than thirty years. In that time I’ve seen the movement change in some ways that are not good.    

Thirty years ago there were a lot of young, energetic, sincere groups, and a few that were in it for the money. Today, I think that ratio has reversed - a lot of groups are in it for money, and a relative few are serious about getting things done. Unfortunately, this trend is not exclusive to animal issues.    

While animal protection is SHARK’s focus, there are abuses throughout the world of nonprofit charities, including veterans groups, civil rights, medical causes and more. CharityCops.com is dedicated to exposing groups and individuals who are using charities to raise funds for purposes other than what they claim.    

Our reports will be based on principles, such as honesty, transparency, efficiency, competency and truthfulness. Our reports will be more than mere opinions, and the organizations being reviewed will have every opportunity to communicate with us and respond to our questions.    

Those who scam good-hearted people should be exposed, and CharityCops.com is going to do just that.    

- Steve Hindi


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