September 1, 2015


We are overjoyed to announce that Grace, the deer in Marlboro, NJ, who was shot in the face by a bowhunter, has been tranquilized and had the arrow removed. 

We want to thank all of you who have written, signed the petition, and shared our videos of her and her fawn. The 
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife is absolutely pro-hunting and anti-deer, and what happened to Grace shows exactly how brutal and inaccurate bowhunting truly is. The reality is, it was only due to all the public and media attention that they were forced to take immediate action.

Watch the original video HERE

Watch the new video - showing Grace and her baby - HERE

More than 104,000 people signed the petition, which you can see HERE

Grace's story has been covered today in USA Today and on NJ 101.5 radioand more news outlets contacted us today. Her plight truly touched people worldwide.  Here is a just released story about her being saved.

The following picture of her after the procedure is from a press release just issued by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife:

Grace, sedated, after the arrow was removed

Here is a picture of her that we took in May:

And here are pictures of her and her fawn from July:

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