October 22, 2015


There are major developments in the case of U.S. Senator from Oklahoma Jim Inhofe’s live pigeon shoot fundraiser from both last year and 2015. In September of last year, SHARK investigator Stu Chaifetz embedded himself Inhofe's political fundraiser for Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe. The fundraiser included an illegal live pigeon shoot.

Aware that such a cruel and cowardly event might attract animal protectors, the Inhofe cabal tried to maintain security, but they weren’t really concerned about any law enforcement in Oklahoma moving against them. Whether it was Kiowa County, where Inhofe held his slaughter last year, or Greer County, where Inhofe held his slaughter this year, the sheriffs in each place are under Inhofe’s corrupt thumb. Even the Oklahoma Public Safety Commissioner, who runs the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, refuses to hold Inhofe accountable for any misdeeds whatsoever.

But if Inhofe felt secure in his corrupt little empire, his comfort zone may not be quite what it was before he met up with SHARK, and we predict that things are going to get a lot more uncomfortable very soon.

Those of you who pay attention to American history may recall the case of Al Capone, the vicious gangster whose crime organization was so sophisticated that law enforcement (the portion not on Capone’s payroll) couldn’t bust him. In the end, Capone wasn’t busted for his crimes, but rather, his tax evasion for his ill-gotten gains.

It is just possible that Jim Inhofe is considering Capone’s fate, because while Inhofe may never have to pay for the cruelty he and his cabal have inflicted upon thousands of pigeons (thanks to Oklahoma’s corrupt law enforcement), messing with the feds is a whole different scenario, and that scenario just might bring this corrupt coward down.

In our last update we told you about letters we received from the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), the federal agency who owns the land on which Jim Inhofe held his 2014 live pigeon shoot fundraiser on. The letters prove that Inhofe broke the law by holding his political event on federal land. Those letters also told how BOR inspectors found a burn pit with tires and other garbage, a brick building that had been built for the specific purpose of holding pigeon shoots, at least two hunting blinds and bait sites and that “The site is littered with countless rotting pigeon carcasses…”

Picture from the BOR showing dead pigeons on the property

We released a video explaining all of this, which you can watch HERE

Shortly after releasing that video, we received even more documents from BORThe documents included pictures of what had happened at the site. As bad as we thought the situation was, this evidence revealed that the misdeeds of Inhofe and his minions are much more serious.

Here is what the so-called “burn pit” actually looked like. As you can see, this was a commercial style garbage dump that was being operated illegally on federal land. A television set and tires were in the dump, meaning they were burning and/or burying hazardous materials on site.

The federal land in question is managed by a man named Tom Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan facilitated Inhofe's illegal use of federal land to hold a political fundraiser, and now we have even more evidence of serious violations of the law.

With this new evidence in hand, we wrote to the Director of the Department of the Interior asking for a full criminal investigation. You can read our letter HERE

These are serious environmental crimes, and those responsible must be held accountable. The best part about this case is that it is NOT based upon SHARK evidence, but rather evidence gathered by the U.S. federal government. The evidence, and the case we have put together against Inhofe and his henchman Tom Buchanan, is irrefutable.

It’s important to note just how sweeping SHARK’s original investigation has become; we didn’t just expose how a sitting United States Senator held a cruel pigeon shoot as a political fundraiser, our actions also revealed how Inhofe illegally held that event on federal land.

Inhofe was not allowed back on that federal land this year. Also Inhofe illegally used federally funded game wardens as workers last year. Those workers did not show up to this year’s fundraiser. Now we have exposed how federal land was being used as a huge dump, and as an illegal canned hunting reserve.

These charges are serious enough to do a lot of damage to a cowardly politician. Perhaps that’s why the Inhofe camp has gone silent. In fact - absolutely, dead silent.

We’ll keep you posted on this critical turn of events. In closing this story, I have just one thought to pass on to the Inhofe crowd - hold onto your seats, because SHARK is just getting warmed up!

As you will recall, SHARK documented Senator Inhofe’s 2015 pigeon shoot fundraiser using our Angel - a camera-equipped, remote controlled aircraft. Angry that we were filming their cruelty, someone from the Inhofe group used a rifle to fire on the Angel. Although seriously damaged, the Angel made it back for a crash landing. Most importantly, all the video documentation from that critical flight was recovered.

We called the sheriff of Greer County, but the sheriff refused to send anyone out! Last year, the sheriff of Kiowa County also refused to do anything about Senator Inhofe’s criminal activities.

Shooting an aircraft is illegal. The rifle was also fired into the air, which is a safety hazard. Oklahoma law enforcement have refused to stand up to the corrupt Senator, so SHARK has conducted its own investigation into the shooting.

Watch the video HERE.

The Angel after it had been shot and retrieved

We invite you to join us in demanding an official investigation into the shooting. We predict that Oklahoma Public Safety Commissioner Michael Thompson will prove to be every bit as corrupt as the sheriffs we have already exposed in Kiowa County, where Inhofe held his pigeon slaughter last year, and Greer County, the scene of this year’s slaughter. But in order to move this case along to a higher level, we need for Thompson to formally refuse to do his job. Then perhaps we can get the feds involved here, along with Inhofe’s misdeeds for the misuse of federal land.

Please send Commissioner Thompson a demand for an investigation into the illegal shooting of our Angel aircraft. Thompson’s email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please let us know about any response you may receive from Commissioner Thompson.

If all the other developments in the Inhofe Pigeon Shoot scandal aren’t enough, here’s one more piece of news.

Oklahoma State University (OSU) students have been used as workers at Inhofe’s pigeon shoot fundraisers, apparently as payback for a trailer the OSU Shotgun Club received from the animal serial killers at Safari Club International.

Here is a recent SHARK YouTube video exposing this latest puzzle in the Inhofe Pigeon Shoot Scandal

The orange OSU trailer at the Inhofe fundraiser

Does the name Walter Palmer ring a bell? Palmer is the thrill killer who murdered Cecil the Lion in a misguided attempt to demonstrate his manhood (clearly the impossible dream for this coward). Palmer is a member of Safari Club, and he is representative of the kind of disgusting killer who populates the organization.

Safari Club is a big Inhofe donor, proving that cowardly animal abusers tend to congeal together. What is so disturbing is that a state university would get involved either with Safari Club International, or a corrupt, cowardly politician like Jim Inhofe. However, since OSU did pair up with both, the school can now deal with the backlash from decent, caring people.

Please politely contact OSU and the OSU alumni association on their Facebook pages and ask them to cease allowing Senator Inhofe to use students as workers for his political fundraisers:


We are beyond ecstatic to announce our newest tool to fight animal abuse! The Bob & Nancy is a 25 foot inflatable Zodiac that we purchased thanks to the generosity of animal protection heroes Bob Barker and his partner Nancy Burnet.

Watch the video HERE

An Angel launched from the Bob & Nancy
The Bob & Nancy will allow SHARK to deal with marine animal issues like no other organization in the U.S. We have big plans for the government slaughter of cormorants, as well as killing contests such as the slaughter of cownose rays that we exposed with Fish Feel, a Maryland-based fish advocacy organization last summer.

A view of the Bob & Nancy from the Angel. You can see the landing deck.

Watch for big developments in the world of marine animal protection starting this spring!

According to a recent news story, animal protection hero Bob Barker was hospitalized after falling on a sidewalk near his home.  

Bob Barker is the number one reason SHARK has been able to achieve its victories of the past few years, having given us a large grant in 2009 to pursue pigeon shoots, rodeos, cownose ray slaughters, pig wrestling and other issues. In the process SHARK built our Angels, camera-equipped remote control aircraft. We were able to purchase hi-pods to raise our cameras thirty feet into the air, purchase long-range camera, and much more.

We just recently announced that Bob gave SHARK money to purchase the Bob & Nancy, a boat to tackle marine animal abuse issues. The Bob & Nancy will play a very big role in future SHARK investigations.

All of us at SHARK wish Bob the best, and hope he feels better soon!

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