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For SHARK, it has been another year of struggle and victory for our animal friends.
These are just some of the campaigns and victories SHARK has achieved in 2015.  Please click HERE to download our full mailer.

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This is Grace, a NJ deer who was shot in the face by a bowhunter and suffered for months without hope until SHARK got involved. Grace and her fawn are now well and thriving.  She's just one of the many victories SHARK scored for animals in 2015 that you can see in our year-end video

The US Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC) is a government-funded research facility in Clay County, Nebraska. USMARC performs cruel experiments on cows, lambs and pigs. 

When SHARK and Last Chance for Animals went to the USMARC facility in Nebraska to document cruelty, Clay County Sheriff Jeff Franklin made an illegal traffic stop to harass us and attempt to get hold of our drone.  Franklin's bullying was caught on video. Watch what happened in these videos:

Clay County Sheriff Jeff Franklin when he made his illegal traffic stop

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