January 11, 2016


On December 30, 2015, SHARK documented and rescued birds at a canned hunt held in Pennsylvania, where cage-raised birds were hand-thrown into the air and shot for fun. Three different types of birds were used for this slaughter; pheasants, pigeons and chukars.  We had access to an adjoining property and were just a few yards away from one of the shooting stations, where we filmed the horrors that unfolded.

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We filmed one pheasant who was shot, then fell hard to the ground right next to the shooter who laughed as she writhed in pain. The shooter was such a coward that he was afraid to pick up the dying bird and had his friend do it for him.

While the pheasants and chukars killed that day were cage raised, the pigeons were most likely trapped in cities and kept in horrible conditions with neither food nor water for days before being shot. 

This poor bird died as she was being held by one of our rescuers.

We rescued two pigeons who were given medical care. They are both alive today!


The chukars we saw that day were tame and having raised in a cage, unable to handle suddenly being thrown into an unknown environment.  We were able to rescue two chukars, both of whom were taken to a sanctuary. 

One of the rescued chukars we saved
Canned hunts are the lowest of the low where cowardly men with ill-intent kill just for the sake of killing. Please stand against all canned hunts, whether it be bears, lions or birds, these disgusting and vile events have no place in a civilized society. 

The SHARK Team Rescues a Goose

While returning to Illinois from a Pennsylvania pigeon shoot site, the SHARK team spotted an injured goose. 
Watch THIS video to learn the story of that rescue.



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