February 21, 2016


On January 30, 2016, SHARK filmed a worker at the Philadelphia Gun Club torturing wounded pigeons that were used in a live pigeon shoot. We released the video to the media and sent it to the Bensalem Police, who are actively investigating the issue.

Watch the video HERE

The torturer throwing rocks at the wounded pigeon

When SHARK Investigator Stu Chaifetz spoke to the police, he was told that the gun club claimed that they had no idea who the torturer was and that he had wandered onto their property. This was mirrored in a statement sent by the gun club to media, which stated, "All we can say now is that we can’t identify who the person is, and we’re cooperating with the police investigation," and, "It appears that he was down range during active shooting, and we don't station anybody in front of the firing line. That just adds to the mystery."

The gun club’s statements are absolutely lies. We know that because we have video of the torturer from the moment he left the gun club’s private compound until he returned there after the shoot was over. 

The video also shows someone from the gun club speaking to the torturer and video from a previous shoot showing not only that the gun club did in fact have workers stationed “down range during active shooting” and "in front of the firing line,” but that the torturer wore the same red jacket that the other workers had. He spent three and a half hours on the Gun Club’s shoreline. There is no question he was associated with them and that they know who he is. 

The only “mystery” here is why the gun club was so foolish as to lie about their association with the torturer. All that did was to show how dishonorable they are.


Watch the video exposing the Philadelphia Gun Club’s lies HERE

The story was covered in the Philadelphia Daily News and the Bucks County Courier Times:

Police looking into video that shows torture of birds at gun club

We will keep you updated on this brutal act of animal cruelty.  

Cownose Rays Not to Blame for Shellfish Declines, Study Says 

new study published in the journal Scientific Reports exposes the myth that cownose rays are to blame for declines in oyster populations. This is a critical report, for those who mercilessly slaughter rays for fun have used this as an excuse to shoot arrows into pregnant rays and beat them to death with metal bats.

A cownose ray being beaten with a bat during the killing contest

SHARK exposed disgusting mass-killing contests last summer in video that received a great deal of media coverage and public outrage with more than 134,000 people signing a petition calling for an end to such killing contests  

More Rodeo "Family Values"


"The bits in the horse's mouth were too tight and left cuts on her lips, she said. The handlers were aggressive and cut the mare in question, as well as some other horses that Kendra says she was keeping an eye on. When they pulled the horse away, she added, the handlers whipped her with a roping rope, which is braided and wax-coated, and stings harder on impact than other ropes."

"A former secretary for the Texas High School Rodeo Association was placed on deferred probation Wednesday for stealing $100,000 from the nonprofit group."


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