February 29, 2016



In our last update we told you how we filmed a worker at the Philadelphia Gun Club torturing birds at a live pigeon shoot held on January 30, 2016.

We sent the video to the Bensalem Police, and this week we were told that they had identified the torturer and charged him with animal cruelty.  This is a historic act that we hope will forever change the debate about live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.

In addition to the many articles about the charges, J.D. Mullane, columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times, wrote the following piece which excoriates the gun club. You can send him a note of thanks at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"The Bensalem pigeon killing club, AKA the Philadelphia Gun Club, has found a fall guy for charges that it engages in cruelty to animals — a 17-year-old boy.” And, "To review: Inept shooters hire an inept subcontractor, which pays a teenage boy who performs his assigned task ineptly. At least the Philadelphia Gun Club is consistent."
Watch the original video:
Bird Tortured at the Philadelphia Gun Club  

And the follow-up video where we exposed how the gun club lied:
Gun Club Lies to Police, Media in Animal Torture Case

The torturer throwing rocks at the wounded pigeon

 This important issue has received an enormous amount of media coverage in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and around the nation through the Associated Press.

Another important aspect of this case is that the gun club deliberately misled the police and media and were caught red-handed. Here’s what happened:

SHARK Investigator Stu Chaifetz, who filmed the abuse, spoke to the Bensalem Police and was told that the gun club members claimed they had no idea who the torturer was and that they claimed that the torturer had merely wandered onto their property. This was mirrored in a statement sent by the gun club to media, which stated: "All we can say now is that we can't identify who the person is, and we're cooperating with the police investigation," and, "It appears that he was down range during active shooting, and we don't station anybody in front of the firing line. That just adds to the mystery."

This was as outrageous as it was false, and we knew so because we had video of the torturer entering and leaving the gun club’s compound and even speaking with a  gun club associate. With that evidence in hand, the
police were able to go back to the gun club and get the torturer's name. The gun club didn’t help in the investigation, on the contrary, they impeded it until we exposed their statements as being lies. With no longer any way to hide the truth, the gun club finally turned over the name of the torturer to the police and he has been charged.

While the torturer's name has not been released due to the fact that he is 17 years old, it has been made public that he was in fact hired to work at the gun club and that he was from New Jersey.

What the torturer did was brutal and disgusting, just as was the shoot itself held by the members of the Philadelphia Gun Club. Shooting innocent animals launched from boxes and shot at for fun is a filthy and depraved act. We will never stop fighting until it is forever banned.

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