Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is our 2016 Year-in-Review Video. Please click HERE to read the full mailer we've sent out with much more information and details about our 2016 victories.



We implore you to share this video with all your friends and all those who care about animals. Please let them know that the animals need a hard-working group like SHARK and that we need financial support to keep fighting for them.

All the victories and ground-breaking campaigns we have shown you in our end-of-year series of emails would not have been possible if not for your generous support. The truth is, we need that support right now. Unlike most other groups, SHARK does not hoard millions of dollars while still pleading for more money. Our funds are almost gone. There is only enough money to pay for our investigators for a couple of months, then it’s over. 

What makes our stunning array of campaigns and victories for animals even more amazing is the fact that there were only a handful of us working on all of them. You will find no better value for your donation than with SHARK, and I can assure you that with that financial support, we will continue to bring you ground-breaking victories that will save lives that other groups ignore.

I implore you to reach out to every one you know, show them what we do, and ask them to help us continue our vital work. 



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