October 5, 2016


We are very pleased to announce that a federal lawsuit filed against us by the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) has been dismissed! 

This is a major victory, for we have shown that you can stand up to the pigeon shooting bullies who think their wealth and political power can suppress people who dare to stand against them.

We always maintained this case was baseless, and yesterday the Court agreed, finding the PGC’s claim that we violated a federal statute was based on nothing more than their own “sheer conjecture” and unsupported by any evidence.

Although the PGC thought that their lawsuit would hinder us we have continued our efforts to document the vile pigeon shoots held by the PGC. That lead to historic charges of animal cruelty being filed against a PGC worker when we filmed him torturing injured pigeons at the PGC on January 30th, 2016.
Due to SHARK's perseverance, this PGC torturer pled guilty to animal cruelty

We know that the pigeon shooter community looked to this lawsuit as a means to shut SHARK down so they could continue wounding and killing thousands of innocent birds, but it has all backfired; not only has this lawsuit failed, but there is now a documented case where a person connected to a pigeon shoot has pled guilty to animal cruelty. We are one-step closer to shutting down pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania once and for all!

This is the second of two lawsuits the PGC has filed against SHARK. Our victory in federal court and both legal battles have cost us a great deal of money. 

This cannot be understated - we need your financial support right now! SHARK's resources have been depleted from the massive amount of ground-breaking work we've accomplished this year as well as defending ourselves against frivolous lawsuits. 
Do you know why the pigeon shooters sued us and no one else? Because SHARK is the only group that has continually shut down pigeon shoots and saved lives. They fear us because they know how effective we are.

We fought and won the federal PGC lawsuit, but now our investigators are literally grounded due to lack of funds.

Please watch the following video, which exposes the horrors that the PGC is responsible for. See for yourself what we do, then either donate online or send a check so that we may continue to fight this most honorable cause.

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One of the dozens of innocent victims we have rescued from the PGC pigeon shoots. Please help us so we may continue to save lives


On September 13, 2016, Ryan Jackson, the Chief of Staff for Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, posted a statement to the Inhofe campaign's Facebook account which contained a number of lies.

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