August 25, 2017


As we told you a few days ago, SHARK scored a major victory when we revealed that Jim Inhofe, US Senator from Oklahoma, will no longer hold cruel live pigeon shoots as political fundraisers!

SHARK was the only group willing to take Inhofe on and, after a relentless three year non-violent campaign, we forced him to shut down his disgusting and cruel events, where innocent animals were hand-thrown into the air and shot for fun by Inhofe and his donors. 

The story is receiving wide coverage in the media:


The Associated Press has picked up the story, and that is being covered in many news outlets. The following are a few examples:
CBS News has also picked up the story and is distributing it to their affiliates. We will share those with you when they are published.

Watch our new video HERE:

We hope that this victory shows you that, no matter how powerful, how corrupt our opposition is, they can be defeated if we stand strong, fight smart, and stick to our moral beliefs. 

This victory did not come cheap and SHARK spent a great deal of resources fighting against Inhofe. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to fight hard for animals just like this one, who we rescued from Inhofe's shoot last year.







Our friends at United Poultry Concerns have a petition urging the Orthodox Jewish community to not use chickens in the Kaporos ceremony.

You can read and sign the petition HERE






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