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March 14, 2019


We have great news to share; the Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioners have voted unanimously to approve a motion to prohibit rodeos in Los Angeles!  All credit goes to our friends in LA who have been working hard on this issue.  

From NBC:

"Los Angeles, and now California, has made it very clear how we feel about circuses. Circuses and rodeos are very much alike," Heather Hamza, a registered nurse and animal rights activist, told the commission. "Circuses take wild animals and make them tame. Rodeos take tame animals and make them wild."

This is just the first step, but it is a significant one and major victory. We will keep you updated on this as it moves forward with the LA City Council.



On March 4, I wrote an email to the Conference Chair of the 2019 Animal Rights National Conference, calling for a debate at the upcoming conference over ethical issues of deep concern, specifically involving Animal Charity Evaluators and Animal EqualityOur supporters know that we have raised these ethical concerns, including lies, incompetence, the misuse of donations and outright fraud, for years.

Most donors are blissfully unaware that what was once a movement dedicated to helping animals has become a corporate structure which strives for money, and not for what is best for animals. Many of today’s supposed animal protection organizations produce little more than feel-good fundraising ploys.

Theoretically, animal rights conferences should be the perfect place to out these schemers and fraudsters, but the movement is so far gone, few are willing to deal with the collective rot in the movement.

Besides being SHARK’s president, I am also a business owner and head of family. My motivation to clean up the movement in which I have worked for thirty years as an unpaid volunteer is the exactly the same as it would be if there were problems in my company or family. Corruption and fraud, if allowed to continue, renders our movement completely impotent, and I will state for the record that it is largely there already.

Regarding my letter to the national AR conference, I didn’t even receive the professional courtesy of a reply, regardless of the fact that I was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame at that same conference some years back. We aren’t asking the conference to allow us to just make accusations. We’re asking that we be allowed to raise our issues with the organizations we are accusing face to face, and submit our overwhelming evidence.

This is the way SHARK deals with issues. We don’t skulk in the shadows. We want to allow everyone to see and hear our claims and our evidence. Unfortunately, there are many in the movement who see the truth as a threat.

It is bad enough to see growing waste and fraud in the movement, and worse to watch the very people who should be doing something about it working so hard to cover it up.

If you care about animals, please do your research to see which organizations are really working for animals. Are they out in the field - in the real world - or are they just sending out fundraising letters, making up lies, holding galas and making unkept promises?

Today’s animal rights movement has never had more money flowing in, and yet it deserves a “FAIL” score. This means that animals worldwide are suffering needlessly. That suffering and death is not just on those who actively abuse them, but also on those of us who just didn’t care enough to see to it that our side does what it is supposed to do.

Please politely and respectfully contact FARM and the AR Conference and ask that they allow free speech and open debate at their conference:

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SHARK has been very busy working on a number of operations.  While we can't reveal the nature of those publicly, we did want to let you know that we are hard at work every day fighting for animals. In this update, we wanted to give you the list of YouTube videos we've published since our last update.

Ducks Unlimited - Fake Conservation - Real Animal Cruelty
On March 14, Ducks Unlimited will hold another pigeon slaughter at the MN Horse and Hunt Club. Please contact Ducks Unlimited corporate partners and politely ask them to disassociate from this group and their cruelty.
FedEx (800) 463-3339  
Nationwide Insurance (877) 669-6877
Purina (800) 778-7462  

SHARK Exposes California Congressman Eric Swalwell
Congressman Eric Swalwell has close ties to two very cruel rodeos in California. In this video, we expose the inane and vile cruelty he has supported.

Eric Swalwell's Chief of Staff: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Cruel, Corrupt Ellensburg Rodeo
The Ellensburg Rodeo, in Ellensburg, Washington, has a long history of electro-shocking horses and abusing other animals. Pepsi-Cola sponsors the rodeo. Please politely contact them and ask them to stop sponsoring animal cruelty:

Six Flags Vallejo - Abusement, not Amusement
SHARK's drone filmed animals at Six Flags Vallego, CA. We captured video of animals captive in small areas, distressed and doing repetitive behaviors.

Please contact Six Flags CEO James Reid-Anderson to politely express your opinion: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

San Diego Humane Society Responds to Accusation of Neglect
The San Diego Humane Society is making excuses for why it has't investigated and prosecuted horses being electrically shocked at the Poway Rodeo, in Poway, California.

San Diego Humane Society Ignores Shocked Rodeo Horses
Last summer, a SHARK investigator caught the shocking of horses and other animals to make them act wild from pain. We brought our documentation to the San Diego Humane Society, but the organization won't take action against the abuse. 
Contact the San Diego Humane society: https://tinyurl.com/yyo9kn5f


CBS Network's Cruelty and Corruption Exposed Over and Over

The CBS Network is promoting animal cruelty. CBS leaders are so corrupt, they have ignored documentation from their own broadcasts showing abuse, and refuse to even respond to the evidence.

Please politely contact CBS Board Member Martha Minow, a former president of Harvard Law School, and ask her to hold CBS decision makers accountable:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 617-495-4276


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