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April 29, 2019


From April 19-21, a SHARK investigator filmed horrific animal cruelty committed at the California-based Red Bluff Roundup Rodeo. Our investigator not only filmed the illegal shocking of horses (electro-shocking is banned under CA law), but he captured the death of a horse who was killed during the wild horse race. On top of that, a steer was killed during the wrestling event. It was all brutal and disgusting.

Watch the video HERE

Just two of the many animals who were abused at the rodeo
Even though this cruelty was there for everyone to see, Meaghan Mackey, a reporter for television station KRCR, chose to do a fluff story promoting the rodeo. Please politely and respectfully contact KRCR and Ms. Mackey and ask that they tell the truth about rodeo animal abuse. 

Contact KRCR
(530) 243-7777
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KRCR Facebook 

 Contact Meaghan Mackey: 
(530) 356-8718 
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Meaghan Mackey Facebook

SHARK will do a follow-up video on our efforts to hold those involved in criminal animal abuse responsible for their behavior.


Two recent articles, Lancaster Event Center to ask for $4M more to expand for 2020 national rodeo and Missouri hopes to lasso national rodeo event with upgrades to state fairgrounds are prefect examples of how governments waste tax-payer dollars to support rodeos.

Both stories deal with how two states, Missouri and Nebraska, are looking to pour millions of dollars into welfare regarding the National High School Finals Rodeo. Once again, rodeos prove that they are unable to support themselves without help from our tax-money.

Please visit rodeowelfare.com for more information.
In this follow-up video to our campaign about how Camping World (through its subsidiary Gander Outdoors) sponsored a vile canned hunt at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club, we call out hunters to speak out against this unethical killing. We also again expose Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis for his support of animal cruelty.

Please politely contact Gander Outdoors and Camping World and ask them to never sponsor animal cruelty again.

Gander Outdoors Phone: (888)542-6337

Camping World Phone: (800)626-3636

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