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May 16, 2019


SHARK is pleased to announce two significant victories in our campaign against rodeo cruelty!

The first victory is that the Denver Post will no longer run their annual train trip to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD), which is the most cruel and deadly rodeo in the world! The Post train ride was called "The Denver Post Cheyenne Frontier Days Train,” but we called it the "Denver Post Pain Train" and even set up a website under that name. 

This horse was just one of many animals that have suffered at the CFD rodeo

Media outlets that should be objective must never become supporters of vile animal cruelty. That’s why we ran a very public campaign on this including videos that you can see HEREHERE and HERE.

Time and time again we hit The Post hard for their hypocrisy and bad ethics, and we are proud to say that the Denver Post finally ended their train ride to the CFD!

The second victory was something we did behind the scenes and not in public. Last year, we found out that the notorious Rowell Ranch Rodeo (RRR) was holding a fundraiser for the Autism Society, San Francisco Bay Area. SHARK Investigator Stu Chaifetz, who is also a father of a child with autism as well as an activist for children with Special Needs, reached out to the group and educated them about the cruelty committed at the RRR. This abuse included the electro-shocking of horses and even the death of a horse there last year. The group replied that they would look into the rodeo.

A horse named Savina was killed at the 2018 Rowell Ranch Rodeo

We are very pleased to announce that the Autism Society is not holding that fundraiser with the rodeo this year!  

Both of these victories are important and they both show the different ways SHARK works. For the Denver Post, which was belligerent and refused to acknowledge what they had done wrong, we needed to publicly shame them. For the Autism Society, we worked entirely behind the scenes and used our video to educate a good group to what was going on.

SHARK works every day to fight and expose animal abuse. You will see a lot of what we do in our videos and updates, but there is much we do that you won’t see until we can declare it a victory in public.

If you want to see more victories, please consider sending in a donation. SHARK needs your support right now as our funds are draining. Please support SHARK so we can save lives!








On June 15, 2019, the NJ based Cowtown Rodeo will hold a “Girl Scout Night” for the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ.


Calves like this one are just a few months old when forced into rodeos and abused

SHARK learned about this issue from a woman from the NJ Animal Save Movement. She and her granddaughter, who is a Girl Scout, were deeply upset about the Girl Scouts supporting this cruel rodeo. We too were appalled to find out the Girls Scouts are supporting Cowtown, as over the past two-decades, SHARK has documented extreme animal cruelty, injures and deaths at Cowtown. 

This was Duke. He began to die just 25 seconds after being electro-shocked

We reached out to the Girls Scouts, however despite our efforts to want to meet with them and discuss this issue, they surprisingly refused to acknowledge the cruelty committed at the rodeo and never responded back to our evidence of cruelty.  You an read all our communication with the Girl Scouts, including how they put out false information about their support for the rodeo, in this link.  

We have released a new video exposing Cowtown not just for animal cruelty, but for misogyny, such as one instance we included where a rodeo clown making a horrible sexist joke about women. We look forward to seeing how the Girl Scouts continue to defend their support for Cowtown once they see this video.  We should note that we have collected more such comments made by Cowtown personell and will use them in further videos should the Girl Scouts choose to continue their relationship with Cowtown.

This is what a rodeo clown said at one Cowtown rodeo  

Please join with us in calling on the Girl Scouts to end their partnership with this disgusting rodeo.  Please be polite and respectful:
Ginny Marino, CEO 
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Tony Gizzi, CFO
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Kimberly Bryson, COO
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